Saturday, 4 June 2011

Most Wanted!

1. Floral Dress // Coast
2. Feather earrings £2.99 New Look
3. Nude wedges £28 Next
4. Yellow dress £70 Warehouse
5. Hawaii postcard purse £8 Accessorize
6. Blue maxi dress £38 Next
7. Sunglasses £22.90 Mango
8. Shift dress £45 Warehouse
9. Palazzo pants £30 Next

Yes, a lot of this is from Next. I'm trying so hard not to even look around at the moment but its unavoidable when I'm at work, and the temptation is through the roof now that I've got staff discount card. There is another dress I've had my beady eyes on, but couldn't find on-line I may, however may said dress up tomorrow, depending on how it fits! The palazzo pants, however, are definitely coming home with me. 

1 // I saw this dress last summer, and didn't buy it because it wasn't entirely suitable for what I wanted (masquerade ball dress), but I regret not buying it. I often check eBay in hope that one might pop up, but this is yet to happen. Pah.#

5 // Excitement hit me as I saw this purse! I bought a 'Paris' one pretty much the same last year, and thought I could start a little 'collection.' Hmm, I don't think I'll actually be buying it though. The potential was just there, y'know.

8 // I would never have looked twice at this dress had I seen it on-line or in store, but I noticed it on one of the staff and started hunting for it - The picture really does no justice. I think I need this in my life.

And this post justs reminds me how little money I actually have.

S xx


  1. That yellow dress is so gorgeous! I love the brightness of it :) perfect for Summer styling! I keep seeing palazza pants everywhere and I'm just not brave enough to wear them :P


  2. I love the yellow dress and the blue maxi. Just FAB!

  3. I think I saw this little purse in Accessorize but with the different designs - London and Paris. I couldn't decide which I like better. ;) Good idea for keeping your change! X

    P.S. Don’t forget about my giveaway!

  4. looove the yellow dress, adorable, lust after! xxxx

  5. I love that yellow dress, so pretty and perfect for summer weather. I hate when you regret not buying something a spend ages scouring ebay for it. Hopefully it will turn up x

  6. oh wow the yellow dress! those pleats are gorgeous

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  9. I think i need numb. 8 in my life too! how pretty xxxx

  10. That yellow dress is so pretty, I love it. The shape and the colour are jut perfect. Really like the rest of your picks too xxx

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  12. Love the Shift dress, pretty cute pattern.

  13. love all the colours going on here! the shift dress is beautiful and the postcard purse is very cute. shopping with no pennies is a depressing business! x

  14. Love the green feather earrings! So pretty! <3 We followed!

    Love Ellen

  15. Number 8 proves that the humans are the best ad for clothes anyway, right? I love they yellow short dress, I really really hope it gets to be sunny sometimes that I could justify buying it !


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