Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Simply Beach Review // Because its almost bikini season!

Simplybeach kindly provided me with a voucher to treat myself to some new swimwear. I’ve not been able to buy anything for ages (thanks to the student life) so this was an absolute treat. Just because I’m not going abroad this year doesn’t mean I’ve not been yearning after bikinis and summer dresses!

Some people think jeans shopping is awkward, for others, its bra shopping. For me, however, its swimwear. I’m completely different sizes on top and bottom, so I hate when I find a bikini that I love, but it only comes as a set. I know I’m not the only girl who *needs* pick n’ mix sets. On top of that, I’m always looking for ways to emphasise my small boobs and detract attention from my wide hips

This instantly narrows my search down. Then I’m looking for a colour that will compliment my skin tone, straps that will give me as little tan line as possible and something that will stay in place. I’d also never usually order swimwear on-line because the sizing can be so *off.* Maybe it’s due to the different materials used?
 I think its fair to say that I’m picky with swimwear. 

I spent a total of 3 hours browsing simplybeach.com, for the perfect bikini, and by the end, I had about 10 in my basket, mainly surfer brands and Red or Dead, as well as a couple of brands I’d never heard of. With my pickiness, and the fact that not a whole lot was actually available in my size at the time, I narrowed my lust-list down to three gorgeous swimwear sets. From these, I chose a classic black ‘twist’ bandeau bikini.

I placed my order at 3am on a Wednesday, and the package landed on my doorstep on Thursday afternoon, despite only paying for standard shipping. Impressive huh? However, I needed to exchange my bottoms for a bigger size *groan* and actually, this was done quickly with no problems at all. After waiting over a month for my H&M order, I truly appreciate quick postage and good service. I've also noticed that they run simplysweat, and I'll definitely consider this site when I need new fitness wear.

I must admit that I’ve never spent £60 on swimwear, so I knew I was going to spend ages finding a set I loved before even browsing the site! I yearned for a gorgeous Ted Baker bikini a few years back, and if I had the money, I would’ve bought it, but otherwise the most expensive bikini I own cost me around £22, from Next.

The bikini itself felt luxurious and brought on a bout of confidence that is definitely needed before strutting around in next to nothing, and I do think I would’ve bought it if I’d tried it on in a shop. Its my new favourite! There is a reason I don’t allow myself to look at higher priced, more expensive products, and this is a prime example, it’s too gorgeous to say no to – Still, it’s nice to treat yourself every now and again isn’t it?
Have you bought any new swimwear this year? What’s it like?
S xx


  1. If you haven't got the perfect body, good fitting swimwear is a must and definitely worth paying that little bit extra! Glad you were pleased with your purchases :) xxx

  2. Ahh it's lovely! What a classic! I always still to tankini's...i'm a big girl anyway, but at least my legs are moderately toned compared t the rest of me! x

  3. Ignore the typos in that comment, I have a major case of fat finger today.

  4. My friend recently bought some great bikinis from Next store (not online) for £2.50 top and £4.00 pants. She was so lucky it's unbelievable. X


  5. I also blogged about Simply Beach...such an amazing site! Love what you picked!

  6. I have 3 horrible bikinis. I don't want to wear any of them as they fit badly and are unflattering to say the least. Yours looks lovely, glad you got to settle on such a nice one :)

  7. i am going to buy myself some, but i havent decided what yet! :D xx

  8. That's a lovely bikini! I'm not usually keen on bandeau style but this one is sleek and chic!

    Thanks for popping by my blog! Lovely to meet you! Lots of lovely pretty things to peruse on your blog!!!


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