Monday, 23 May 2011

Most Wanted!

1. Rose blouse £38.50 Topshop
2. Raspberry ruffle top £45 Warehouse
3. Bow wedges £39.99 New Look
4. Red sandals £19.99 New Look
5. Platform sandals £135 French Connection
6. Aztec vest £12.99 River Island
7. One shoulder dress £60 Jarlo
8. Jacket £140 French Connection
9. Skull feather earrings £7.50 Topshop
10. Lipstick necklace £16.50 Danielle Scutt @ Topshop
11. Palazzo playsuit £26.99 River Island

8 // This jacket screams perfection to me with the structured shoulders and sharp frill details, all I need now is a cheap knockoff. ;)
10 // This necklace is absolutely perfect for me, its delightfully simple but also a little different, with that touch of colour that I like to add. 


Um, where has the decent weather gone? I'm tucked up in bed with the heating on, listening to the wind whistling outside whilst wishing Come Dine With Me was on the box. 

Anyway, I've been working at Next for a couple of weeks now, and its a sure method of torture when I can't afford to buy a single thing. Though I now want 50% of Next's shoes in my possession, I am grateful that I don't work at Reiss or similar where the level of torment might just force me to implode. </slight exaggeration>

S xx



  1. I love the bow wedges. Very tempted to buy those!

    Tess xo

  2. Number 1 + 7 have completely stole my heart, darn you ha-ha putting yet more cravings in my mind! Gorgeous wish-list I would't say no to anything on there :P

    Have to say I completely agree about the weather it's absolutely viiiile!


  3. How is working in Next (despite the awfulness of not being able to buy everything)? Have you got a discount? I'm starting my new part-time job in New Look tomorrow - I'm excited and scared at the same time!!! Please wish me luck hun! X

  4. I'm also as temp... Yeah, I'll probably get a discount after a while but there IS one and it's pretty good. Thankfully, I can wear whatever I want - ideally current New Look pieces and need to be fashion forward. X

  5. Love all your picks, especially the Topshop Rose Blouse, very cute.

    Sadie xx

  6. The Topshop blouse is lovely, if only it was a bit cheaper.

  7. I've been eyeing up the Bow wedges for a while now, going to purchase them once my bank balance allows me :D xx

  8. I love that soft green dress, the colour is lovely. ohhh, damn you! im trying to save my money and I really want this now ive seen it hahah! xxx

  9. love the wedges and sandles. Why don't the French connection ones have the New Look Pricetag?!!! Grr. Great picks!

  10. Love this, i want everything! Esp the necklace. x

  11. Oh I Love the raspberry ruffle top! I always forget about Warehouse, but that have so much gorgeous stuff. Love your blog btw :) (just saw it on the Motel Rocks thing on facebook!)


  12. These are all so adorable!

  13. Lovely picks! I'm specifically lusting over #3, #7, and #8! So gorgeous.

  14. oh lovely pix! love that floral top from topshop!! xxo

  15. Feather earrings! This is such a big trend that I am seeing lately! I love them..

    All the best, Angel

  16. goooorgeous pieces:)
    you have such an eye for colours and textures:)
    such an inspirational blog:)


  17. Oh dear your most wanteds are most def wanting to make me splurge :) lovely picks xxxx


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