Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Most Wanted!

1. Shirt £110 Reiss
2. Nail Polish Trio £15 Paul & Joe @ Asos
3. Cropped Blazer £34.99 River Island
4. 'Sarah' Dress £60 Jones+Jones @ Topshop
5. Sandals £29.99 Zara
6. Trousers £38 Love @ Topshop
7. Shirt £24 Topshop
8. Skirt £32 Motel @ Topshop
9. Dress £48 Topshop
10. Loafer Shoes £46 Next
11. Platform Shoes £30 Desire Clothing

1 // It would seem that Reiss own my heart. I'm still lusting over this bag as well as a few others that I'll never afford. I seem to adore everything that they come out with, and would happily trade in most of my wardrobe for their collection. Sadly, I don't even own anything from Reiss, and never allow myself to try things on. I think my heart would break in desperation. 
I almost bought this shirt in a moment of madness after draping the shirt over myself in front of a mirror the other day, before sensibly reminding myself that my student loan will not allow it. Drat.

9 // I've seen this dress featured on a few blogs recently, and am in love. Its not what I'd usually go for, especially the shape, but Sarah from amilliondresses recently convinced me that I shouldn't avoid this shape just because I don't like to emphasise my hips. I think the subtle shoulder pads and sleeves balance out the flare rather nicely, actually. However, this dress also seems to be ridiculously short, and I wish to maintain some modesty. Has anybody else noticed that dresses just keep getting shorter and shorter? I know I'm not just getting old or growing, but at 5'9" it seems that unless I wan't to spend my time avoiding short people and children (who might see my underwear) then I just can't buy any new dresses!

Today I finished the worst of my exams (which I think I failed), with only one to go, on Monday! Off to Pizza Express I pop, for a mini celebration.

S xx


  1. Number 9 looks so pretty!

  2. Totally agree with you about dress length, I'm 5'8" and it seems like dresses that most people consider a decent length end up being almost indecent on me!

  3. Some lovely picks! I love the stripy skirt and orange sandals.
    Enjoy your night out, I love Pizza Express, yum yum!

  4. Ah I want the topshop dress sooo much! Ilove it in cream aswell


  5. oh god i want both dresses so darling! and perfect for summer :D xxxxx

  6. I pretty much need and want all of this!

  7. Yeah, the dress is the winner. I think Topshop also has red version and it's almost a copy of red lace Erdem dress! X


  8. i really like no.11 ... they are amazing! :D
    Rosie xo

  9. Beautiful stuff. I'm drawn to that dress as well, but I think that's down to that fact that it's very similar to a Whistles dress I bought a few months back, only brighter and with shorter sleeves.

    I know what you mean about the length - things are definitely getting shorter! x

  10. Loving your picks, I have to say Lily had the blue TS dress on and being my height she got away with it (as it is very short) so okay for us. You could see if they do have it in the tall section as I think it would look gorgeous on you (the colours would be perfect).

    Even Lily wore her thick tights. I am loving the nail polish and shirt that ....oh how I want to shop. You should make this a feature you have great a taste Sarah !! xxxx

  11. Great wishlist, I love the blue lace dress and the orange shoes <3 xxx

  12. Nice selection !
    I like your blog !
    If you like french fashion, you should visit mine, and maybe follow me if you like it :)


    www.coralieslooks.com - FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  13. oh man, reiss always gets it so right! xx

  14. I love almost everything on the board! I really wanted a lace dress but every single shop seems to be doing it now (equals) everyone will own it. So I think I'm gonna stay clear from it, because it's turning to be just a big trend rather than a style. :P

  15. Great selection! I'll have numbers 3,4, 6, 7, 9, 10 please!
    I'm with you on the dresses thing, being a girl of pretty much that height too! I want to wear my dresses for school (which I do sometimes!) but some are just too short for it!

    Am sure your exam was fine, it often seems worse than we think! Don't worry!

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