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Fine Lining // Liquid/Gel Eye Liner (Lancome/Elf/No7/NYC/Maybelline)

I remember when I first started using liquid eye liner. I kept well away from it for a long time, feeling sure that I'd never be able to achieve such a beautiful line with my terribly shaky hands. Then my friend, who then worked at a No7 make up counter, urged me try 'amazing eyes liner.' I was pleasantly surprised and now own aforementioned eye liner in every colour there is. It took a lot of practice, and I'm still not great at applying it, but within this time I've tried and tested loads and have decided that the tools have a lot to do with it! I'm going to share with you my thoughts of the ones I own currently, including a couple of more recently discovered gel liners.


Left to right:
Lancome Liner Design £18.50
Elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen £1.50
No7 Amazing Eyes Liner £8.75
NYC Liquid Eyeliner - About £3 from Superdrug
Elf Cream Eyeliner £3.50
Maybelline Gel Liner £7.99

Lancome Liner Design 
Pros - Very thin felt tip style nib, easy to get to the lash line, and very easy to use and get a straight clean line.
Cons - Expensive! Doesn't seem to last very long before it seems to dry up, and is definitely not smudge proof (Unless your eyelids are very dry)!

This eye liner is certainly not dramatic, but its a great liner to use if you're not feeling too confident, or are looking for something for a played down, everyday look. However, for the price, it doesn't last long enough, and is replicated fairly well by the following:

Elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
Pros Amazing price of £1.50, stays in place quite well, and also dons a 'very easy to use' felt tip nib which allows fine lines.
Cons This is not waterproof in the slightest! The nib is a little more flexible than expected at the very end, it takes a little more practice to perfect this one. Also dries out a bit quicker than expected. Maybe its a felt tip thing?

Its £1.50 and it does the job pretty well. Its not my favourite at all, but I'll buy it again because its dirt cheap.

No7 Amazing Eyes Liner
Pros Very dramatic colour with a thick line. This one is absolutely industrial; make sure you have some super strength eye make up remover for this. Lasts forever, and I've only ever bought these with £5 No7 vouchers. Also comes in an amazing blue/green colour which is a perfect Mac dupe ;)
Cons Thick lines not always wanted, can be quite gloopy and messy, and the intense colour can sometimes be a bit much against my fair skin.

This eye liner is easily one of my favourites, just because its so intense and lasts longer than I would ever want it to! However, I usually trace the lines I want with one of the above eye liners first, because its very easy to go wrong with this one.

NYC Liquid Eye Liner
Pros Cheap and very easy to use. Has a very thin brush applicator that allows you to get close to the lashes, perfect intensity of colour.
Cons Brush is very delicate, need to take care when putting it back in the tube as well as using it, to avoid splaying, (harder than you'd imagine)! This one does flake a bit if you accidentally rub your eye. 

I adore this eye liner, its easy to use, cheap, and relatively easy to get hold of though the brush is quite flexible so its easier to go wrong, perhaps. Definitely worth getting used to because the results are perfect with practice. I'm not entirely convinced that the brush will hold up for too long though! 

Elf Cream Eye Liner
Pros Good price again and lasts long enough, glides on nicely. 
Cons The brush that comes with this isn't great at all, mainly because its absolutely tiny. Also not the most intense of colours and does need to be left to dry, otherwise it smudges easily!

This liner comes in some great off-black colours which are complimenting and a nice change. Very easy to use and perfect if you just want to try gel liners. I wont buy it again though, now that I've discovered the following:

Maybelline Gel Liner
Pros My new favourite. I've not had it long but its worth every penny if it doesn't dry up, I can see this lasting a very long time. The brush that comes with this liner is amazing and can be used very easily to create a thin to thick line in a single stroke. The intensity of colour is bang on. 
Cons Brush needs cleaning after every single use as it dries up stiff otherwise. May need to go over the line a few times to ensure the same depth of colour throughout. 

My new favourite eye liner for every day use, not too dramatic but not too subtle and absolutely foolproof to apply. 

Used above: NYC Liquid Eye Liner

Eye liner tips: 
* Get as close to the lash line as possible. If you spot a slight gap after application, just fill it in with eye shadow.
* Don't line the bottom waterline, without lining the top. This actually makes eyes appear smaller.
* Thicken the line as you get towards the outside of your eye, 'lifting' your eyes shape.
* To make eyes look even more intense, line the eyes with a soft black eye shadow before applying liner in a slightly thinner line closer to the lash line. The gradient between depth makes lashes look denser. 
* Gel liners allow time to blend, whereas liquid eye liner tends to dry much quicker. 
* Find your own way to keep a steady hand. A lot of people find that resting their elbow on a table helps, but I prefer to hold my eye shut with the other hand, and rest my fingers of the applying hand around my eye as I'm lining.

S xx



  1. Really useful reviews and great eyeliner tips. I am so useless with make up so will take note of your advice. I find lining below my eye manageable but really stuggle with the upper lid. My hands are too shaky!

  2. Great review and your verry pritty

  3. Brilliant post. Isn't it strange that all these products are meant to be black, but vary so much in colour? The NYC one looks like such a bargain!

  4. Thanks for this, I really need a new eyeliner, so I will definitely take your advice.

    im following

    Follow back if you like

  5. my favourite is bourjois liner feature. its the only makeup product i stick to!
    great review :)
    Rosie xo

  6. I loooove liquid eyeliner, great post!

  7. Great site you've built here. Well done, my dear! -Raymond Lee Jewelers Blog

  8. Kelsey - Agreed!! Though the cream elf one is olive, oops!

  9. Hey, I'm so glad I found your blog :)! Hope you can check out my beauty blog sometime!

  10. Eyeliner, it makes your eyes look damn finer!

  11. I have a massive pot full of eyeliners! I have the e.l.f. cream liner in navy blue, I find it a little too thick, which makes it difficult to apply. Especially when you are using the brush that comes with it!

    My favourite liquid liners are the Eyeko Graffiti Liners, they are like felt pens in black, blue and purple and can be bought here

    I also love the Bourjois Clubbing liners, particulatly in Ultra Black.

    I've written a lot about e.l.f. in houl posts on my blog,

  12. I really do want to try the Eyeko ones, I keep meaning to but never get round to it!

  13. Will you tell me the difference between normal eyeliner and liquid eyeliner? And tell me which one is good for eye makeup?

    Elle18 Eyeliner

    1. Obviously this is the place to go for that, I don't make use of Scottrade. scottrade log in but if you look at several of the other stocks.


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