Monday, 14 March 2011

Tara Smith Haircare // Feed the root shampoo and conditioner

My favourite shampoo/conditioner ever is Redken's All Soft. I've always believed that yes, although the total cost is £22, the quality is astonishing, and a little goes a long way, so its definitely worth it in the long run. However, when you don't physically have £22, its time to start looking for alternatives.

Heres an alternative that I am liking, very much.
I must admit that I can't be sure that all products I use *are* organic, animal friendly and so on, but these facts always receive a thumbs up from me when I notice them. After welfare, I love the fact that a brand has gone out of their way to find friendlier alternatives. It just sends out a better message to me, its like part of the branding!

Tara Smith - Feed The Root shampoo and conditioner is pretty damn good, with an energising menthol fragrance. At first I was a little unsure, but used less of the product the second time round and was pleased with the results. The problem being the temptation to use loads of the shampoo because it doesn't lather instantly (I now rub it in-between my hands for a bit before introducing it to my scalp). I learnt from that mistake pretty quickly! This shampoo is recommended for dry hair, and I can see why; because too much of this product made me look like a grease ball. Less is more and all that! 

Anyway, my hair was last dyed in September (currently donning 2 inch roots), and this shampoo really brought the colour out, and actually seemed to lighten my roots a bit as well! The strangest thing though, is that after blow-drying my hair upside down, my hair was almost curly/wavy. My hair, has NEVER been anything near curly unless I've *made* it that way. I immediately embraced this and teased my tiny curls a tiny bit more with my straighteners and received compliments. I really cannot figure out how this happened as a result of using this shampoo/conditioner, but its continued to happen every time. I'm really not complaining, its a very welcome change!

I also tried the Top Coat Glosser, a finishing spray meant to add shine. I usually use Paul Mitchell serum and swear by it, but again, it costs about £20 a pop, wheras this is less than half of that. The label promises a gorgeous scent of orange, and I failed to believe this when I unscrewed the top and almost choked on the strong smell of alcohol, but sure enough, once sprayed on my hair it smelt quite pleasant (I also learnt that less is more here too, and keep it away from your roots unless you're looking for an oil-slicked look). It definitely does what it says on the label, but I question whether its going to dry out my hair in the long term.

 The shampoo was also used to wash my precious make up brushes. They're cleaner than ever, and smell gorgeous! Anything that has 2 uses and saves me money gets massive "YES!" from me!

All in all, it definitely took my a while to get used to these products, but I mainly love them and will definitely buy the shampoo and conditioner again. They're only about £3 each, and I intend to use the bottle again once they're empty. I may pass on the finishing spray. Its good, but it just doesn't beat Paul Mitchell's super skinny serum.

S xx

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  1. The packaging is unique and pretty! Thanks for sharing your thoughts x

  2. wow these look really cool! your hair looks awesome xx

  3. your hair looks so pretty and how curious that its started to curl after a wash!

  4. £3 each? What a bargain, definatly need to check that out.

  5. What a good deal, I'd love to try this. Your hair is gorgeous!

  6. I wonder if they sell these in Ireland, always so dissapointed when I read a great review on something but they don't stock it here! Looking pretty as always x

  7. You look like Eliza Cuthbert.

  8. Wow I love that the shampoo made little curls in your hair! I have really oily hair so I'm not sure if it will make me look like an even bigger greaseball than I already am but the thought of natural curls is appealing!x


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