Sunday, 13 March 2011


I'm missing out this instalment of 'Most Wanted' because I'm seriously skint and have managed to refrain myself from all forms of shopping, even imaginary (I'm sure you appreciate how difficult this really is)!

Instead, I've decided to share with you one of my all time favourite blogs by a girl whose designs I have *always* lusted after. Call it a Most Wanted of all time, if you like! 

Luxirare was one of the first blogs I ever came across. I've no idea exactly how this happened, but to this day, her imagination and fabulous project execution never fails to astound me, and I adore the way that this is put across in her fashion and culinary inventions, with added anonymity for full mystery effect. (Her bento box post has to be one of the aesthetically pleasing creations, ever)! I can assure you that if you haven't discovered this blog yet, you'll spend hours trawling through the archives from the moment you open the page. 

Anyway, have you ever wished you hadn't come to rely on the things you have, so that you didn't have to carry some form of bag all the time? I know I have. So has Luxirare, apparently, and she's done something about it! I recently noticed the incredible mini-vests she designed and thought: "My gosh, she's done it again," as my jaw dropped. 

Take a look for yourself:


(Source: Luxirare)

(Source: Nubby Twiglet)


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  1. Wow that stuff is bloody fantastic! I'd love to date a girl who wears stuff like that!

  2. I've seen it before on nubbytwiglet, who I love. :)

  3. So I kinda just died.
    Love it!!

  4. Wow, SUCH an amazing idea! And it looks great :O

  5. Wonderful, thanks so much for sharing! I love finding new blogs, yours also :) bento box is absolute genius, starting to feel a but hungry now. X

  6. I love hearing about new blogs - there are soooo many out there, you can sometimes miss some really great ones! Thanks for sharing with us :) xxx

  7. Love this post!Thanks for the inspiration!!!


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