Saturday, 5 March 2011

Lack of sleep, me? // Elf Corrective Concealer

Everyone covers up dark circles, don't they? I certainly do. Its an instant way to brighten up a dull complexion, and successfully hides the fact that you've had little sleep, or are just naturally blessed with the annoyance (like myself)!

I recently bought the Elf Studio corrective concealer palette after giving in looking for Lise Watier's well reviewed concealer wheel. I was surprised to find that it only had 1.6 out of 5 stars on makeupalley, the webland of make up reviews, but hey-ho, I figured I'd reserve the judgement for myself, and went ahead and bought it anyway!

For the perfect look, this is what you'll need:

Eye Cream - My favourites are Lush enchanted eye cream and Liz Earle daily eye repair. This time, I used Liz Earle because it contains eye reflecting particles, which is only going to compliment what we're trying to achieve here. 
Corrective Concealer palette
Concealer - Concealer used for the eyes should be lighter in colour than your foundation, and yellow in tone to help mask the blue discolouration of the under eyes. I use Lancome's Effacernes Longue Tenue, which is also a lot thinner in texture, because caking is *not* pretty.
Concealer brush

I must stress that the eye cream is pretty important here. A lot of the reviews I've read seem to dislike the corrective concealer because it looks cakey once applied. With the right amount of eye cream to corrective concealer, there's no problem. Use moisturiser if you need to, it'll have the same effect.

Anyway, these are my eyes with no make up whatsoever. (Eek)!

Apply the lilac/pink shade around the bluish yellow tones, under the lashes and the inner corner of the eye.
I found the texture of this extremely waxy, and difficult to load onto the brush - So I used my own instead. It takes a while I must admit.
Blend with your ring finger, tapping around the eye.

Only my left eye has corrective concealer applied:
See how much brighter the area around the inner eye and side of my nose is?

Clean your brush, and apply a thin layer of concealer using the same method, tapping to blend.

Apply foundation to the rest of your face, set with powder, and you're done! 

For £3.50, I'm content with this purchase. Its not perfect but it certainly does the job with patience, and depending on how long it lasts, I may buy it again! The green shade is a good counteraction to the redness of blemishes (which I have a lot of), and the nude and beige shades can be used over the top of the green to conceal even further, though I may stick with my own blemish stick/concealer for this part.

S xx



  1. I'm actually suprised how well this concealer did its job considering the price you paid for it. Really good review x

  2. thank you for this post!

  3. Can't go wrong with £3.50, bargain!
    However I personally prefer "Max Factor Mastertouch Undereye Concealer". I find that this has always worked best for me.
    Goodbye black shadows!
    Hello ladies!

  4. Nice post :)
    Thanksies for your comment ^^

  5. You have beautiful eyes, honestly; with or without makeup. I really mean it.

  6. Ah thank you Tereza, thats really kind of you to say so! I do wish my eyes have a definite 'colour' though, they're a bit inbetweeny! :D xx

  7. Are you gay Spike?

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  10. i lov elfe make up - my mother, who first turned me onto the brand always stocks my christmas stocking full of elf.


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