Tuesday, 22 February 2011

What I Wore

T-Shirt - Christopher Kane @ Topshop
Shorts - BooHoo
Tights - Primark
Shoes - H&M
Ring - Primark

I've changed my mind about these shorts now, so I'll be selling them on. They're too tight/short for what I was really after, but I've not seen any decent leather imitation shorts anywhere, at a price I'm willing to pay! Regardless, this is what I wore for a few cheeky bevvies with friends.

I *love* this shirt so much. I fell in love with the Christopher Kane gorilla shirt when I saw it, so jumped as soon as I saw this crocodile version at Topshop. Its pretty old now but my love will *never* die.

 I've noticed that often, my most cherished pieces are the ones that I've splurged on. I know that if I pick something up and think "I HAVE to have it!" before even looking at the price and without a doubt in my mind, then its going to last forever. I'll always love it, and look after it well. I'm talking about this, £45 on a damn T-shirt? Yeouch - And its definitely the most expensive Tee that I've ever purchased. Never looked back twice though! Also thinking of my Nixon watch, Tiffany bracelet Karen Millen coat and Dries Van Noten wedges, they're timeless, and style lasts a whole lot longer than fashion.  

Of course, this doesn't *always* apply. My favourite shoes were from Next and River Island, my favourite jacket from Mango, and my favourite ring was from Matalan!

That said, I'm a student drowning in my overdraft and I definitely won't be splurging anymore. Kind of. Unless a pair of Ann Demeulemeester lace up boots ever pop up on eBay in my size. ;)

Also, I've been trying out new foundations, and am currently trying Estée Lauder Double Wear and Clinique Anti-Blemish... This is Double Wear and I think I'm swaying towards that! Are there any others I should try?!

S xx


  1. Really cute outfit! I could never pull off something like that.

  2. You have perfect flawless skin. What's your secret?

  3. Anonymous - I really don't! I actually have acne around the lower part of my face! I just own the best concealer ever ever EVER!

  4. Ohhh I love your makeup here,esp the eye liner.
    I wear double wear too, once you get it its sooo hard to change, so I mix mine with a revlon one to try and make it last longer!!

  5. your outfit is so cute! i love the shirt, and your makeup is so pretty!

    xoxo monika.

  6. Anonymous I have a secret for perfect skin! Fairy Liquid is great for keeping you hands soft whilst also being able to wash the dishes. I have often wondered if it'd have the same effect if used on peoples faces.

  7. Love your makeup!

    My favorite foundation is currently MAC's Pro Longwear. That stuff doesn't budge 'til you need it to!


  8. Your hair is so gorgeous! I love the cut and color. And I agree with an above reader that your face looks like a doll with that perfect complexion!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. nice outfit, i like your blog!


  10. I have ordered a bottle of Fairy Liquid, the richer formula with "more bubbles" that can last "up to eight weeks".
    I will post before and after shots then.

    Yours naively

  11. Hi girl! updates about the competition!


  12. Thanks for all your sweet comments. I love that tee and wished I had paid the £45 price tag for one it is a classic and proberly a collectors piece. I would love to see those Dries Van Noten wedges :)))

    As someone trying to perfect the perfect eyeliner your eye make up looks awesome xoxo

  13. The t-shirt is amazing! I'm using MAC Mineralize foundation at the mo which I'm really liking. Thanks for your lovely comment :) xx

  14. Really regret not getting that top from Topshop when it came in, it was a bit too pricey for me at the time but I have to say it looks great on you. That's a shame about the shorts, I know they have some decent immitation leather ones in Topshop and new look and primark (i think?). it's just a matter of what fit and style you are after! x

  15. you look great, love the top - love everything about this outfit, I also really love the eyliner :D
    eyeliner is great isnt it hahaha xxxx

  16. Love the Christoper Kane top! And your makeup looks gorgeous!

    Now following too!

  17. Great outfit <3
    Your hair's lovely & you do have great skin x


  18. This whole outfit makes me smile, gorgeous.

    Following. :) x

  19. lush shirt. Love Kane's topshop collection.

    Helen, X


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