Monday, 7 February 2011

Most Wanted!

1. Button back dress - £60 Warehouse
2. Floral Shirt - £32 Miss Selfridge
3. 'Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die' ring - £110 Vivienne Westwood
4.Shirt - £26 Topshop
5.'You fill my heart with sunshine' Tee - £35 French Connection
6. Spotted Dress - £32 Topshop
7. Suedette shorts - £32 Miss Selfridge
8. Cherry Blossom Shirt - £24 Topshop
9. Stone Biker Jacket - £42 Topshop
10. Thomas Sabo Bracelet - EUR29 Thomas Sabo
11.Sandals - £65 Dune
12.Red Jeans - £38 Topshop

Its definitely getting a little bit warmer, isn't it? I'm still wearing coats, but I've been spending way more than I can afford on the new spring stock in wild anticipation. I really cannot wait to get myself into pretty dresses and slick on a layer of fake tan! I think everyone is happier in the spring/summer time, am I wrong? I know its true for me, anyway. When its warm, I want to be outside doing things, all of the time. I want to be surrounded by all of my friends, even if we're not doing anything other than sitting by the lake and enjoying each others company. I suppose I turn into a social butterfly and come out of my hermit shell that winter has previously forced me into. 

I must say, if I hadn't already purchased half of the stock, a lot of New Look items would be amongst the above, and that surprises me. They've got so many gorgeous pieces in for the upcoming Spring season such as sheer blouses and unusual tee's. Spring/Summer stock has always been more for me. I hate feeling wrapped up and heavy in scarves, gloves and unflattering coats, and I've never been too good at carrying off the layering look. I like to keep things simple. I can't wait, I was made for warm summers!

Panoramic windscreen in my car, fully appreciated air con!
Denim, short skirts, sandals and totally free body parts, woo!
Ice cream, picnics, road trips, lake views and late nights!

What does spring/summer mean for you?

S xx


  1. spring/summer means to me that it's a bit warmer, which is always quite nice.

  2. Great post :) I'm also lusting after a pair of red skinny jeans (I saw a pair in ZARA that I must get!) x

    Catherine x

  3. These are great picks, that Westwood ring is faaabulous! x

  4. i love the first dress and the brown shorts are too cute! the vivienne westwood ring is my favorite though, its amazing.

    xoxo monika.

  5. && i am following you for sure (:

  6. There are so many things I want at top shop right now! I love that polka dot dress.

  7. I love this Blog :) its sooooo true :) Spring summer mean to me, Fresh, fun and fully of life :) xx

  8. Ooh, I love the spotted dress :D

    Fiona x

  9. Yesyesyes :-D

    Always loved our Viv, there're so many lust for things in t'shops but mainly can't wait for the weather to do it all justice in! Well said my lovely, tis all about the happy fun and frolics, nowt beats it ^_^ (in a summer dress, with ice-cream and tan!)

    R xx

  10. PS Woo road trips and totally free body parts lol, love :-D plus that biker jacket.

  11. What a lovely wishlist, I love 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 best. I really really want that Topshop Polka dot dress. I agree that New Look has some lovely things in at the moment, I daren't go in for fear of blowing my wages!! :(

    I do love Spring/Summer, but I prefer the winter fashions, I suit darker colours and I can cover up all my lumps and bumps ;) xxx

  12. I can't wait for S/S this year. I definitely prefer fashion in winter (you can't beat big jumpers, thick cardigans and chunky socks) but everyone seems so moody in the winter months, including me!

    I love your wishlist :) Especially #5! I never think to shop in French Connection, so I'll have to have a browse soon.

  13. Hi sarah, thanks for taking time to comment on my blog, how are you? you have a cute blog!! :)

  14. i want everything on this list! ahhh xo

  15. I love number 6 - so cute! I'm so looking forward to it being spring/summer and being able to wear dresses without tights and cardigans getting in the way!


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