Friday, 11 February 2011

Malibu nights, tangerine dreams! // Riding the orange trend

I don't really follow all of the latest trends that much. To be honest, I can't afford to keep up, and prefer a bit more of a timeless 'style.' However, one trend that I am completely backing is 'Orange.' Marmalade, carrot, habenera, whatever, its all orange, and I love it! I won't be buying blocks of this colour, as in, shirts and whatnot, because I'm quite pale and think the bright colour looks a little odd against my skin tone, but little bits here and there really do it for me. Kinda makes me regret letting my orange hair fade so much...

Back in 2009, I accidentally discovered orange lipstick. And blusher (and I'll share them with you soon). Then I went a little bit crazy and bought all things orange for a while. These shoes are still my absolute favourites. Totally simple, but just enough of a 'pop.' Lush!

Heres a few orange bits I've been coveting recently. Especially loving number 1, 5, 6 and 10. Why do I insist on tempting myself so much? Why oh why?!

1. Casio watch £12 ASOS
2. Sheer shirt £28 Miss Selfridge
3. Scarf £6.99 New Look
4. Platform shoes £24.99 New Look
5. Holdall bag £40 Topshop
6. Stone bracelet £14 Topshop
7. Blouse £30 InLoveWithFashion
8. Tooth necklace £3 ASOS
9. Wedges £59.99 River Island
10. Lace top £28 Dorothy Perkins

S xx


  1. What's orange and sounds like a parrot?

    A carrot!

  2. Ooh, love the lace top in the corner, and the blouse :)

    Fiona x

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  4. Spike - Its a carrot, right? :P

  5. Ooooh those shoes look amazing! And I want that scarf! Great post! x x

  6. love your shoes!

  7. I love those flats!!!!
    thanks for the nice comment, I will defenitely follow your ideas.


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