Thursday, 24 December 2015

Mini Reviews // Buffing Up On Nails

I seem to always have had a problem with nails. Working in healthcare, my hands are my most important tools (cliché), and I'm constantly washing them. I'm not allowed to wear nail varnish, and well, my hands are often left looking a little worse for wear. In the run up to our wedding, I've been more and more conscious of my split, dull nails that don't reflect that of a healthy person. So I've been doing something about it, and I'm happy to say change has taken its chance! 

For the last few months I've been taking super strength, no fuss X-Tend life omega 3 cod liver oil tablets. I'm mainly taking these with hope they'll help with the condition of my hair (it totally has, but more on that another time), and clear brain fog, but I'm sure my nails are getting a positive boost, too. Alongside taking two of these a day, I've been using cuticle cream and the ever raved about Nail Envy. Now, I'm not entirely sure how much the Nail Envy has helped as it seems to do nothing for me, but I'm persevering here, purely because it has such a cult following. My favourite product though, which provides an instant boost in a few minutes, is the Revlon Shine Addict Nail Buffer. It retails at £30, and comes with two filing/buffer rolls, and two polishing rolls. Apparently the refills last for 30 uses, but after I'd done mine, my mums, and Dan's nails, I found one buffer roll to be completely used. Maybe I was a little overexcited and overused it, but considering the price of the refills (£10) and how difficult they seem to be to locate, I was pretty disappointed with that. Will it stop me from buying more though? Absolutely not. Despite the price, the instant outcome is pretty magic. (Heads up, its £20 on Tesco and Superdrug right now)

Have you tried any of these?
S xx


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