Saturday, 21 November 2015

Look Good Feel Better // The Makeover Brush Set

Look Good Feel Better Makeover Brush Set - £24.99*

Look Good Feel Better is a cancer support charity that helps women and teenagers confront the visible side effects of their treatment. As if finding out that you have cancer isn't daunting and stressful enough, the side effects of the treatment can be further demoralising which is the last thing you need when the tiniest bit of positive spirit is, I can only imagine, so difficult yet essential to cling on to.

The range features 12 high quality brushes, and an 8-12% donation will be made from all sales. No corners have been cut with these products from what I've experienced so far, so you can be confident you're getting exceptional quality as well as donating a few quid to charity.

My absolute favourite brush from this small collection would be the powder brush. I'm not usually one for powder brushes, as I have never been able to find one that I get on with - The bristles are either too stiff, or they're too large to really get to grips with. This one is soft, light and perfect for adding the tiniest touch of powder to set my make up perfectly. The brush presents to me as the love child of the Mac 187 stippling brush, and the Real Techniques buffing brush. Two of my all time favourite foundation applying brushes, in one wonderment. 

Overall, I'd say these brushes are almost premium quality, and at a bit of a snip, too. Since I've started using these brushes I have noticed absolutely no shedding, Nothing. I dare go as far as saying these brushes surpass my love for the Real Techniques brushes! I'm honestly not sure how I haven't heard more about these amazing quality brushes?

Have you tried these brushes?
What are your favourite make up brushes?
Sarah xx



  1. These brushes look and sound amazing. I am really due an upgrade in the brush department, might have to check these out!

    Leanne x
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    1. They're definitely worth it! Wish they were more readily available - They should be in Boots but I haven't seen them yet! x


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