Monday, 5 October 2015

Travelling with the dog // Serious Safety

I haven't posted any recently pictures of Penny, and Pets at Home recently asked if I'd share my tips for travelling with pets. Seeing as my own pet is a dog and we travel regularly with her, I've chosen to focus on dogs, and I'm only happy to share a few ideas on how to keep your loved ones feeling happy thoughout your journeys. 

// Get your dog used to small journeys before long ones - If your dog has some motion sickness you've then given yourself time to talk to the vet about medications that might help make the journey more tolerable. Penny is a bit of a nervous dog, and we've managed to build her up gradually.

// Make sure your dog is comfortable. Some dogs might feel more 'secure' in a crate, but Penny has the entire back seat of our cars covered with a specially made seat cover that covers the footwell with a firm surface.

// More importantly, make sure your dog is safe. A crate that doesn't move around is ideal, but if they're in the back seat (as penny is) use a harness to attach them to the seat. If there was an accident, they won't go flying through the windscreen, which hurts to even think about!  

// Keep a stash inclusive of a portable water bowl, poo bags, treats, and honestly I'd recommend and extra collar and lead, just in case. Penny's collar once came apart for apparently no reason whilst she was on the lead - We were so lucky she came right up to us and sat down when we called her. Imagine!

// Never leave the dog alone in the car in the heat - Thats an obvious one, but I won't leave Penny in the car at all.

I think of my pet as family, and she really is so dear to me. 
Do you have a pet? Introduce them to me! 
S xx



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  2. Thanks for your sharing. Great post! :)



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