Sunday, 14 June 2015

Catwalk Tigi Fashionista Violet Shampoo for Blondes // Bye Bye Brassiness!



Tigi Fashionista Shampoo £13.50*
Tigi Fashionista Conditioner £15.50*

I seem to have a real problem with whether I want my hair brunette, or blonde, and the constant changing really doesn't do much for my hair condition, and its hard to keep my blonde looking bright and vibrant. Here, TIGI offer a colour safe, sulphate free, violet shampoo, which counteracts brassy tones to keep blonde hair how it was intended originally, for longer. Its also enriched with pearl extract and rice,

I am a huge fan of this violet shampoo and conditioner duo, and this one smells beautifully of grape juice. It leaves my hair feeling really smooth and weightless, although it can sometimes verge on flyaway. Its definitely making my blonde highlights last longer (I last had them done two months ago now), and keeping brassiness at bay, which is something I usually really struggle with. This, alongside the fact that an absolutely tiny amount is needed each time, means that I'll definitely buy it again - I feel like its saving me money in the long run!

The bottle old is a little frustrating. The idea is great, it twists shut, and to open too - just twist and squirt. But, if you twist just a tiny bit too far, the whole thing falls off, which isn't ideal if you're sitting in a bath like I so often am. More often than not now, I take the whole lid off and use it as a usual bottle, and it really wouldn't be an issue that'd stop me from buying the duo again. 

And just a little heads up: you can get the 750ml shampoo and conditioner for £29 at the minute here. Might be time for me to reorder again already! 

S xx



  1. This looks pretty awesome, I was obsessed with purple shampoo a couple of months ago and used it to sort of dye my hair grey. Really tempted to do it again! xx

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