Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Random Birthday Party // 007 for Women Fragrance

James Bond 007 For Women 30ml £25*

It was my birthday last weekend, and Dan and I used it as an excuse to have a little 'James Bond party.' As random as everyone thought it was, I'd been sent this party kit, and it was my birthday, so I thought it'd be a pretty good opportunity to put the two together! I did make myself some James Bond birthday cakes but erm, I took some to work, and the rest got demolished long before I took photographs. If you follow me on Instragram you've probably been lucky enough to have a peek.

I stocked up on a variety of candles to set the Bond mood, some champagne too (including Bollinger, Bond's champagne of choice, obviously), and a bunch of super posh chocolates. I've just discovered Violet Cremes as a result - How have I go so long without these in my life? We only had a few people round, but it was fun to have them guessing why I'd chosen a James Bond theme complete with balloons and other decorations - I should've taken the opportunity and made it fancy dress really! James Bond is always an amazing fancy dress choice, everyone loves a LBN! 

As well as my birthday, the kit was really for the new 007 for Women fragrance, that I considered a little birthday present to myself. With a bottle that resembles a hand grenade, its very glamorous and sleek, Bond-esque, shall we say whilst staying away from being a crazy gimmick. Obviously the most important factor is the contents, and I do love the scent, said to capture the power of a Bond women, with a modern interpretation of oriental fragrances. It features black pepper and rose milk top notes, middle notes of jasmine and blackberry, and base notes of black vanilla, white musk, and cedar. And if that makes no sense to you, its a very warm sweet, oriental fragrance that I'm a fan of! The vanilla and musk really stick with me and the fragrance lasts well. Definitely a bit of a bargain. 

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