Thursday, 19 March 2015

Vintage Perfume Bottles // Yves Rocher Comme Une Evidence

Yves Rocher - Comme Une Evidence 30ml £29* 

Just how stunning is this bottle of Yves Rocher Comme Une Evidence fragrance? I've always fancied the idea of vintage perfume bottles but would never dare to decant any of my perfumes for fear of either losing most of it, or just bypassing the charm of the original bottle that it was meant for. Honestly, its a shame the bottle isn't a more oval, vintage style but I suppose its a good dash of modern, with a nod to the old ways. I do feel very elegant holding up the bottle to spritz myself with it, although it did take me a while to figure out which way to turn it to open up the valve!

On first impressions, the scent is layered, girly and beautifully floral. Although I can never identify 'notes and bases', (can anybody)? this perfume boasts top notes of amber, violet leaf and nutmeg, heart notes of Jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and rose, while the base consists of patchouli, musk, oakmoss, woody notes and praline. Sometimes I can smell rose, sometimes the jasmine comes through a little stronger, one of my favourite scents. Either way, this fragrance is an all round sensual, romantic floral scent that Chanel lovers will adore.

Yves Rocher is a brand that my mum used to hold as her luxury go-to, and although their skincare range is well known, I hadn't a clue they did perfumes too! At the moment Comme Une Evidence is just £29 instead of £51, and its a perfect classic spring addition that will last a good while as a couple of sprays linger for hours. Even if you're not a fan of florals, its a pretty fancy ornament. Mine has taken its pride of place on my dressing table!

Have you tried this yet?
Whats your favourite spring perfume?
S xx


  1. aww that is cute the spray reminds me of when i was a child my mum had this posh purfume i couldnt help myself but spray it alot!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I can only imagine that it smells as beautiful as it looks! I love your blog theme!

  3. This is lovely ! I love cute vintage bottles and this would sit nicely on my dressing table when I get one ha xx


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