Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Most Wanted // Wedding Wishlist // Bride-To-Be

As our wedding draws nearer, I've been thinking about the finer details of how our day is going to be. I have recently had a complete change of heart and finally admitted to myself that I was never going to be happy with the bargain sale dress I clearly bought on impulse. As beautiful as it was, I kept feeling the need to look around and keep trying it on. Now, I've found a dress from my dream shop that makes me feel like an absolute princess. Unfortunately that does mean that we're cut for budget in other areas, but that hasn't stopped me looking around a fair bit for accessories and decorations - Here are a bunch of my current longings! 

Perfume // I was pretty set on Gucci Flora for our wedding as for so long it was my 'signature scent.' Then I changed my mind to Lancomes Tresor in Love Midnight with its romantic undertones, plus, Dan loves it. Now I'm thinking of finding a new and completely different perfume, and my sniffer loves this Guerlain one. I'm looking for something sweet, romantic and definitely long lasting (Like Giorgio Armani's Si - I can spot it on a bride a mile off at weddings, I might even go for that). Any recommendations?

Shoes // I longed for a pair of Vivienne Westwood's Melissa shoes, but realised they won't go with my dress, and a peep toe might not be ideal as its bound to be a bit chilly. I've tried on a bunch of Rainbow Club offerings at John Lewis and am taken aback at how unbelievably comfortable they are. If you're looking for shoes that are comfortable above all, you need to try these on! A lot of their styles are elegant and neutral, but I'm loving the studded ones, or the shoe clips to add a little jazz.

Underwear // My original dress was perfect with a wonder bra 'hand shape' strapless bra, but my new perfect dress needs something with a little more oomph to help me out in the top department. These offerings look fancy, but I just need to try them on first. Again, any suggestions?

Make Up // I was determined to find a make up artist that was 'good enough' for the job, and I honestly really struggled with this almost above anything else - I was beginning to think I'd be better off doing my own make up, but the thought of my shakily applied eyeliner made my stomach turn. Finally, I've found what must be the best make up artist in the country, but that hasn't stopped me looking around at make up with the excuse that 'its for the wedding, it doesn't count!' Really got to stop doing that…

I'm really getting there with the wedding planning recently, all of the 'bigger things,' are planned, hence looking into the finer things now - Its so exciting to finally see it all come together! We've been looking at a few ways to make our wedding a little different, and we're really loving the idea of a live band like Vibetown - A DJ is a pretty regular thing, surely something else is needed for such an event and to really get the crowd going?

S xx


  1. I've regretted not buying that kate spade clutch for over a year now!! Hoping to grab it when I'm in London next month :)

    Christy x
    Dinner Stories

  2. That's a perfect wedding wishlist. I am flattered by all the details. Lovely blog.
    Love, Scroll Invitations


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