Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Esqido Mink Lashes // Worth the price tag?


Without eyeliner
With eyeliner 


 Esqido Mink Lashes 'Oh So Sweet' - $38*

Stunningly presented in a white and rose gold box are these gorgeous natural lashes that I am currently obsessed with. Usually, I'd shy away from anything 'fake' as I'm terrified of being obvious. I've only ever worn false lashes once before, but I was constantly checking the mirror to make sure they weren't peeling, and that was enough to put me off. The same happened with hair extensions. That is, until I was offered a couple of pairs of these Esqido mink lashes. First off, I'll settle the 'mink' word that repulsed me initially. The lashes are hand crafted from naturally shed mink hairs, and honestly, they look more natural than any false lashes I have ever seen. Ultra fine, and on a tiny, flexible cotton band, too. 

For someone that is really not good with tasks of such delicate nature, I managed to apply these with my tweezers in a few minutes without stabbing my eyes out. And although I applied eyeliner to try and blend the lashes in, you'll see in the first picture that they look pretty natural even without it. I just wanted to be doubly sure! To wear, they are comfortable and beautifully lightweight, which makes them a dream for me, and an absolute false eyelash convert. 

My only irk is that they didn't come with any glue, so I've had to use my eyelure glue, which I've decided is pretty crap, but it did the job okay. I think these lashes, as long lasting as they are obviously going to be, can justify the cost of some decent lash glue. Apparently they're going to last up to 25 times, but I'm not sure my beginners luck with carry me that far! 

Worth the money? Absolutely!
Don't be put off by the american website either (definitely worth a look too, as its just as beautiful), as they have a warehouse in the UK which lashes are shipped straight from, hurrah! 
Have you tried these?
S xx



  1. They look stunning and very natural. I wonder how they collect the naturally shed mink hair from the animals. If they last 25 times I would say they are definitely worth the pennies :)
    Miss Tulip x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

  2. That's quite an unusual concept for false-eyelashes, but they definitely look more natural!
    Lovely photo's ^__^
    Pixee ♡
    The Glambulance

  3. I have never had any success with false eyelashes, but I'm starting to think spending a bit more would make a big difference! These look lovely.

  4. wow love these lashes bought mine from mink lashes


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