Monday, 8 December 2014

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Cane Toy // Furminator Comb // Invincible Snake Toy // Rice Bone
Santa Toy // Snowman Toy  // Collar 

Penny doesn't feature on this blog all too often, although I've always intended to change that! So when Pets at Home contacted me asking for Penny's letter to Santa, we set about it. Or, I chose a bunch of things for her! Theres a whole bunch of Christmas related gifts right here if you fancy having a peek! 

'Dear Santa,

I've been a pretty good pooch this year, I've played well and discovered lots of new places! I'm looking forward to my first real Christmas (I was far too young to remember the first one), but I hope you can find us... I've just moved house and am really struggling to settle in, so I'd love some new fun things to remind me that this is home, and being a Golden Retriever, I'm not fussy about treats, I'll eat just about anything! One last thing Santa, I'm also super hairy and my folks get fed up of cleaning up after my long fur on their hardwood fur, so I'd like to please them and keep my fluff at bay with some kind of beauty brush pretty please - I promise I'll share the goodies with my best pal/sister Amber! 

Love Penny, AKA Pen/Pen-Pen/Penelope/Penster(!)

As a brand new homeowner, we are super excited about Christmas this year. We've bought a brand new Christmas tree that is probably too big for our tiny lounge, but I suppose thats part of the fun, right? One thing thats always been the same though, is yankee candles! My favourites this year are Angel Wings (though I can't quite put my finger on what it actually smells of) and Candy Cane Lane which smells exactly like candy canes, yum! Alongside Yankee, I've also made some accompanying decorations to match - A pair of angel wings which now have their place on our tree, and a candy cane star (half eaten already).
Its Penny's first Christmas with us too, as we picked her up on Boxing Day as a pup - Sad or not, we'll definitely be spoiling her and Pets and Home has such a huge range that I just know Penny will go mad for. She's usually wandering around with something soft in her mouth, but does go mad for a squeaker, so I've picked things for her around that area - Penny will definitely be making more of an appearance here, so I'll be sure to share what she gets for Christmas as well! 

What are you hoping for this Christmas?
Have you got your tree up yet?
S xx



  1. I love this blogpost :-) I heart Penny! <3

  2. I feel so festive after reading this post! xx


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