Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Library of Fragrance // Simple Fragrances

Heres a fresh new fragrance brand with a difference, the Library of Fragrance. Rather than a mix of exotic scents, they're keeping it simple and identifiable with the one layer of scent that is often overlooked in day to day life.

I picked three scents, and they can be worn separately, or layered together for a unique scent that lingers for ages, (this is what I love most about this range). My absolute favourite is the fresh Apple Blossom, though my mum has fallen in love with Strawberry Ice Cream - Its pretty self explanatory, but it genuinely smells as close to the real thing as you could probably get! 
There are over 100 scents to choose from, and whilst I chose pretty basic scents, the 'unusual' ones mostly smell pretty nice! I also sniffed Gin and Tonic and Thunderstorm in Boots, and adore them both! 

At £15 each these would make a lovely gift this Christmas (I know my younger niece would love the Strawberry Ice Cream scent)! Boots are currently selling two for 25, so if you fancy it, click here and have a gander.

Which scent would you choose?
S xx



  1. These seem pretty amazing! And the prices are really genuine too!


  2. I'm so glad you pointed out the deal in Boots, I've been after a bottle from the Library of Fragrance for so long and I think it's time to finally treat myself! x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

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  4. That's look great.

  5. I really want to try the Library of Fragrance... Apple Blossom would be top of my list too!

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