Sunday, 9 November 2014

Body Shop Make Up // Testing on Bloggers

Foundation - Giorgio Armani
Concealer - YSL Touche Eclat
Eyebrows - Nars Pencil and Benefit Gimmie Brow
Mascara - Body Shop 'Define and Lengthen'*
Eyeshadows - Body Shop Colour Crush*
Liquid Eyeliner - Body Shop*
Lipstick - Body Shop Colour Crush 'Red Siren' 
Bronzer - Nars 'Laguna' and Body Shop Shimmer Waves 'Bronze'*

Body Shop are working together with the RSPCA to promote testing on bloggers, not animals. As an avid animal and make up lover, obviously this #makeovertheworld campaign I was only more than happy to go along with. I must admit that although I know a lot of companies still test on animals, its not always been at the forefront of my mind when buying cosmetics. You can read more about the RSPCA's campaign to make over the world here, and for now I'll share my thoughts on these cruelty free make up goodies.

I've tried a few Body Shop make up goodies before, and whilst I'm a lover of a certain few products, I've never really given much thought to their entire make up line. I was sent a good variety, and I have to say I'm massively pleased with every single aspect, though some more than others (as with every brand, really).

The 'must have's //
Lipstick - The perfect texture between matte and shine, good staying power, and a super sharp colour. Pretty much everything you'd ask for in a lipstick. I need to pay more attention to Body Shop's lipsticks from now on, for sure. 
Shimmer Waves - I previously hunted high and low for the pinky white highlighter version of this, and loved it until my brush randomly stopped picking up pigment half way through. This one seems fine so far, and I love the subtle warm, shimmery bronze it leaves. 
Mascara - I'm not sure why I've never thought to try Body Shop's mascara before, but this is one of the best 'daytime' mascaras I've ever tried. I did need a few coats to get my desired covering, but it had a super natural and clump free finish that I'm more than happy to work for.
Slanted Brush - I've never known it was possible to have a slant brush much better than any others I've ever used, but I'm honestly wondering how I ever went without this. Not only is it slanted, but ever so slightly curved for the perfect fit. Huge love!
'Something Blue' Eyeshadow - Super pigmented and bright all day, its a thumbs up from me for a little under eye colour 'pop.'

The 'buy later's //
Liquid Eyeliner - Its not that I don't love this eyeliner, because I absolutely do. The lasting power is incredible, and its a true black, but its just trickier than some other eyeliners I've used before and I couldn't get it right first time. If you're still getting the hang of a steady hand and perfect line, you might want to skip this one as its quite runny.
'Sand by Me' Eyeshadow - Although I love nude, matte eyeshadows, this one just doesn't show up on my skin colour. At all. For that reason alone, I probably wouldn't repurchase it. 
Lip/Concealer Brush - I prefer my lip brushes retractable, and I prefer my concealer brushes a little bigger - Thats it! If you like smaller brushes for the job then this is certainly strong and soft enough! 

Have you tried anything from the Body Shop make up line?
Share your favourites - I need to try more!



  1. This is SUCH a good campaign! Your make up looks lovely :)
    The eye liner is something I have had in the past and I think it is so so good.
    Amy | A Little Boat Sailing

  2. Love this look. You have the Red lip down to a tee xx

  3. This is such a great idea! I love the way you've got the blue under the eyes, I could never pull that off x

  4. great campaign! i love the red lip on you and body shop never fails!

  5. I love the make-up and your jumper!


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