Monday, 13 October 2014

Under The Weather Skincare Solutions // Emergency go-to Skincare Kit

The weather has taken a turn for a worse and its certainly dampened my spirits. To add to it, I've had a very strange virus for a week, and I'm going through what seems to be another phase of it. I've pretty much spent the last few days tucked up warm in bed, and doing so has left me looking a little… Well, rough. My skin is cracked and dry, and my face is sensitive, congested and just looking a little 'naff.'

In an effort to raise my spirits and avoid deconditioning (or rotting), I've dragged myself out of bed to try and do something several times, but its only left me feeling a bit worse for wear. Today I dragged myself out for a pamper - How could that possibly make me feel worse? I grabbed a few of my recent favourites and got started... 

First off, I set about diminishing my congested, red skin. I've always been a fan of charcoal based masks for this, and this BiorĂ© self-heating one minute mask is simple enough, in sachet form. It also warms when applied which I find so soothing, although its not the easiest to remove. Saying that it left my skin feeling super soft and clean which I definitely needed! I haven't properly looked after my skin for at least a week. 

Propolis has been a favourite ingredient of mine for a couple of years. I tried my first Propolis based product at Thermae Bath Spa and fell in love with its undoubtable ability to calm redness. The oil I used worked wonders for calming spots and soothing redness from scars, and this Bee Good Cream Cleanser* is no different. Granted, I've only used it this once, but the invigorating natural scent reminds me exactly of that oil but more intensive, richer, and I can't wait to use it again. It left my skin feeling supple and smooth, and I almost forgot how that felt. I plan to write a full review on this, but I had to include it for now. 

I used Herbalifes Vitamin C Face Quenching Spray in place of toner. I've always taken this on holidays with me, making the most of its refreshing and revitalising qualities. Its been my sidekick throughout the day as well as for a quick boost. Then its on to the hydration station, and theres no better than Hydraluron. I slathered on the already classic Hydraluron Serum, followed by HealGel's Intensive Gel in a further attempt to sooth and restore my skin into what it was before this illness (read my full review here). After that, I enjoyed the almost-water texture of Hydraluron's Moisture Jelly* (Think of it like the moisturiser of the family with two extra ingredients to moisturise and protect). This instantly sinks in, and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and cool. Seriously, if you can afford nothing else, the last three products are essentials in your emergency-go-to kit. Whenever my skin seems to be feeling a little angry, sad or looking extra drab, I reach for these three products before anything else.

For good measure I'll then finish off with my favourite eye cream, for its simplicity if nothing else. That'd be Bobbi Browns Hydrating Eye Cream. It doesn't claim to be anything beyond a moisturiser and thats all my sensitive and delicate eye area needs. You can read more about that one right here.

Feeling a little less groggy, thats for sure. 

Whats your go-to skincare when you're a little under the weather?
Do you use any of these?
S xx



  1. Great products :) I love a good charcoal mask - my current favourite is by Origins. Lovely post!

    Jennifer x

  2. The skin on my hands is so cracked now that the weather is getting colder.

  3. I don't use an emergency kit because everyday is an emergency situation when it comes to my face!!! ah ah!!! I don't have a lot of products, I just use a dead sea soap mornings and nights, as well as the Clearasil mask and scrub that I leave on while I have my shower. I recently bought a Garnier miracle moistirizer cream that is so thick, a bit sticky, it works wonderfully well but am a bit worried about how it works. I need to have a look at that for my own blog ;).

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