Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Home Comforts // Hello Autumn

With the dark evenings rolling in, and my duvet becoming a more valued piece of homeward yet again, I've decided to share a few of my favourite home comforts at this time of year. I've always been a summer loving soul, but over the last couple of years I've come to appreciate autumn for its opportunity to add several layers, wrap up in the warm, and treat myself to one too many hot chocolates. 

Penny cuddles in bed //  
Penny is seldom allowed on our bed, but when its cold and Dan is working late, I can't help but invite her up for some much appreciated cuddles. We picked Penny up on boxing day, and shes yet to see snow. She loves the cold, so I can't wait for her to experience it. Heres hoping we get some this year! 

New home furnishings // 
Dan and I are in the process of buying our first house, and though I really don't want to jinx it until we get the keys, I can't keep my mouth shut. Although I'm desperately trawling Argos for dressers and ottomans, I'm resisting for now. I have, however, been slowly collecting small things that will look lovely in our new cottage, and this Sex and the City (or Beethoven, really) quote is something that will see our first real home, and definitely our wedding. Its hard not to love Dottie Rocks designs. Theres something about a crisp typography print and gold foil that just sets me right up for joy. You can find these prints and other stationary right here.

Candles // 
Candles will probably always be my number one winter warmer, wrapping the place with a cosy scent and a calming flame. Yankee Candle recently introduced me to a few scents from their Indian Summer collection, and I'm sold. Wild Fig, fruity and bold, is my absolute favourite of the lot. Yum! You can see more of the Yankee Candles Indian Summer collection* here.

Cashmere //
I can honestly say I've never looked twice at cashmere, purely because of the seemingly ridiculous price tag. Being someone that believes that cheap is most often a false economy, I'm not sure why I've avoided it for so long. Since this Duck Soup Cashmere Jumper* arrived on my doorstep, its been my go-to for the chilly days that are starting to creep in. Its a gorgeous mint hue and is unbelievably soft, being of a much higher quality than the cashmere you'll find in supermarkets etc. If you're splashing out, you might as well do it properly, eh?

So there we have it - I've managed to hold off the hot chocolates so far, so they're not included just yet. At the moment everything is about home stuff, and I've been looking here and there including the Argos buying guide for home furniture, not to mention Pinterest for the never-ending sea of somewhat frustrating inspiration (our rooms aren't LIKE those rooms at all). I can't wait for Christmas, eek!

What have you been up to recently?
S xx


  1. Such a beautiful post - love all your home comforts and there is nothing better than chilling in a beautiful cashmere jumper - perfect for an autumn evening

    Laura x

  2. I have my candles out now too, I have 4 or 5 on every evening now its Autumn and it so comforting!

    Melissa x

  3. I love Autumn, it's my favourite time of year! I love having my candles out as the evenings start getting colder xx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door

    1. They make such a difference to an atmosphere don't they? Love 'em!

  4. Penny is adorable! I LOVE Yankee candles. I don't see why people spend $50 on fancy ones when Yankee have the nicest scents.

    1. Totally agree with this, and the jars are so iconic!


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