Sunday, 3 August 2014

What I Wore // Jumpin' Jack Flash

Jumpsuit - George @ Asda*
Clutch - Primark
Jacket - Zara
Necklace - Zara Taylor
Sandals - River Island
Ring - New Look
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban 

Much to the disgust of my fiance and housemate, I left the house in a jumpsuit today. Yes, it looks exactly like a pair of pyjamas that I own, but its actually just as comfortable too, so its no matter of mine! I don't believe I've ever worn a full length jumpsuit before, and this Asda version is an absolute steal, and definitely worth it for at least testing the waters with. I can't help but feel a bit like Mario or Luigi - And I'm not saying thats a bad thing at all! In fact I think I need just one more jumpsuit...

What do you think?
Do you own anything like this?
S x



  1. Nice post! This jumpsuit looks great but sorry I'm in love with the clutch and jacket hah

    New post on my blog and it'll mean the world to me if you check it out :)

  2. It doesn't look like pajamas at all! I love a good jumpsuit, it's a great clothing item to have, yours is gorgeous, can't believe it's Asda! I'm going to have to venture down there and have a look :D
    I really like how you have styled it too, looks lovely :D

  3. This looks so good on you! Any time I wear a jumpsuit Ben looks bemused and asks if they make daytime onesies now. MEN! x

  4. Such a cute jumpsuit! It looks great on you!

    Emma x

  5. Looks fab hun and supper comfy.

    X x

  6. Love love love jumpsuits - they look fab and they're so comfy! Your ray-bans are gorgeous too!

    XO, G from grace'd

  7. I love it, but I hate wearing them for longer than an hour because of the 'bare top half when piddling' scenario! I've never worn full length either actually, and you're right, I think all men hate them. the husband also hates maxi dresses with a passion! ce la vie!

  8. Love it I've been looking at jumpsuits and playsuits I need to get on the band wagon , fashion and comfort of yes please

  9. You look wonderful in this jumpsuit!


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