Monday, 18 August 2014

Sprucing up your bedroom - Two new looks!

If you are stuck for inspiration for your beautiful dream bedroom, then look no further! Here are a couple of pinterest picked great bedrooms and a few pointers as to how you can achieve the look!

Red Hot Colour Pop Look //

From House & Garden

This bedroom has instant visual impact and these are purely because of the pops of red in the decor. If you strip those red splashes out, you will find a nice, but rather dull, neutral colour scheme that can be switched and changed with any other colour. I think I'd want to swap red for a bright yellow sometimes, just to change things about now and then without re-doing the whole lot! 

- The beautiful arrangement of pictures on the wall subtly emphasises the headboard, drawing the eye to the wall and giving the decor an elegant finish. Match the headboard and some cushions to the rug and you are away! A little bit harder to switch up a headboard I suppose, but pictures are easily updated!

-This lovely muted  Yorkshire Linen red duvet set adds great visual impact to the bedroom without making it annoyingly bright and colourful!  (Matching curtains are available too!) Spend some time finding the perfect shade for your room, as each colour can be interpreted in a number of different shades and tones by fabric and accessory manufacturers.

- This zig zag rug is quirky and is from West Elm. If you want to go for color contrasts, you can go infuse your room with your favourite contrasting colour (I really want this)!

-Instead of a chair in the bedroom and an ottoman at the foot of the bed, opt for a small sofa instead. This look is perfect for large rooms, and provides the perfect spot for sitting while reading, changing or getting ready ñ or even sorting out your wardrobe! This cool white sofa bed is from Direct Bedroom and it is ideal for use in the bedroom, and even doubles as a day-bed!

 -Finish off your dream bedroom with an unusual lamp and an ornament or two, like the ornamental owl pictured. These small, but significant, touches help to make the bedroom more personal, literally tailored around your tastes and preferences.
Monochrome Look // 

From House & Garden
This bedroom is a picture of monochrome elegance! The unusually stark light fittings may not be for everyone, but they are certainly very striking. The intricately patterned rug would look to busy against equally busy bedding or even just bedding with a lot of black in it, hence the use of almost pure white bed linens. Team it with beautiful square cushions to emphasise the near-minimalist look.

- The bedroom is saved from minimalism by the elegant and ornamental coat stand and oriental ornament that stand either side of the bed.  You definitely need an elegant, yet sturdy and useful Staples coat stand  for use in the home.

- Try and ensure that your furniture follows your decor theme or colour scheme, and, if monochrome is your ideal, opt for furniture like this charming black and white bedside cabinet. For example this one can be picked up via Direct Bedroom.

- Perhaps be a little wary of having too much patterning underfoot as this can be surprisingly off-putting when you get up in the middle of the night! The lighter patches seem closer than the darker ones and it is easy to walk into the wall having become disoriented just trying to navigate the carpet! Having said that, a strongly patterned and coloued carpet can give a bedroom some professional finish so you must decide whether to sacrifice beauty for safety or not! We Do Headboards have amazing headboards in a huge variety & this one is from there too.



  1. Ah Sarah, I was trying to do a photo gallery on my bedroom wall yesterday and discovered two of my frames are broken. You're rubbing salt in the wounds ;) Love that top picture though! Seriously makes me want red in my room.

    Lyon Notes

  2. When we eventually move (been delayed till NOVEMBER!) I want to go for a slightly monochrome theme to our bedroom! CANNOT WAIT TO DECORATE.

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x​​x

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