Tuesday, 5 August 2014

£400 Links of London Bundle Giveaway

In view of a recent steer away from costume jewellery and more towards mid-range jewellery as mentioned here, I'm gleefully sharing an awesome giveaway courtesy of  Links of London. Its running throughout summer - Or as they prefer to call it, the 'summer of friendship.' By entering this giveaway you're in the line up to win a £400 bundle of Links of London goodies - You just have to decide whether you'd keep the lot or share it with your friends! This competition has made me realise just how busy I've been this summer, most weeks working 6-7 days. I've barely seen my friends, and I feel like I've currently got no life - oh the perils of saving for a house and a wedding, eh? Must change this!


T&C's // 
You'll be entered into a prize draw to win a bundle with a value of £400. This can be ordered via Links of London contact, or you can choose to receive a gift card. 
The winner will be contacted via Twitter @Links_of_London DM (not via myself), and they'll ask for you to email your details directly to them.
Prize cannot be exchanged for cash.
If no reply from the winner within a week, Links of London hold the right to choose another winner.
UK/NI only I'm afraid! 

Good Luck! 
S xx



  1. I hope i have done this right i follow you via bloglovin as Debbie Creasey and Twitter as @dupton37. xx

  2. Put the wrong twitter name in the first box hope they know its me still lol xx

  3. All done! Fabulous competition! Good luck everyone, got my fingers crossed for this! :) Love Links of London! x

  4. Wow these are beautiful! I would be so happy if I won this competition fingers crossed! ^_^

    -Abigail Daniel

  5. This is such an amazing prize. Hope I've done it all right. :-)

  6. Love this hope i don't it right xx

  7. What a fantastic giveaway :) *crosses fingers tightly*


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