Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Mac Playland Red Balloon // A New Favourite

Mac Playland Red Balloon Lipstick £15

After managing to stay away from lipstick temptation for ages, I tripped a little and bought this beauty at the weekend. A long lost lover of brighter lipsticks, I've more recently slipped into the background with more neutral colours, but this has taken me right back to feeling like my old self. A true opaque lipstick, in a darker fuchsia pink, which appears a little more red in some lights. Its a new favourite for me, but since when were Mac charging £15 for a lipstick?

Have you nabbed anything from this range?
What does your favourite lipstick look like?
S xx



  1. Looks gorgeous on you, I've never heard of this shade before, but I agree £15 is extortionate!

    Kayleigh xo
    Ruffles and Rabbits

  2. Oh, what a gorgeous shade <3

  3. This looks lovely, really suits you :) Can't say I was aware of the range but £15 is pushing it a bit!
    Laura | gibbigan x

  4. Such a beaut shade, suits you :) xx


  5. You are just too gorgeous! The shade suits you perfectly :)

    Fee x

  6. I totally went off MAC lipsticks for a long while, I was annoyed with the price increase so up until a couple of weeks ago I hadn't bought one in a very long time. However, I was due a free one with back 2 mac so I went and chose one, I came out with 'Twig' which is honestly the perfect plum shade for me... it's made me fall in love with MAC lippies all over again!

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  7. Oh MAC, forever unaffordable these days- this does look gorgeous on you!

  8. This looks gorgeous on you - such a perfect shade!

  9. This shade is lovely. Really suits you!

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x​​

  10. Ah what a beautiful colour! I rarely buy a Mac lipstick full price these days, I try to stick to duty free, gift vouchers or even blog sales. £15 is ridiculous!x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  11. You look lovely hun, love the lip colour x


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