Sunday, 23 March 2014

What I Wore // ChiChi

Dress - ChiChi*
Shoes - Next
Clutch - Coast

Well, apologies for the sub-standard photos, but we were in a rush and I had to show this dress off somehow. T'was dark outside and we didn't have time to run over to the studio, sue me! 
Now I'm all 'grown up', my weekends entertainment seem to consist of dinner, dinner and more dinners. I'm pretty sure thats where my extra weight came from when I crept towards my mid twenties - I go out for dinner socially at least 3 times a month wheras friends and I used to hit the town instead! I definitely need to change that soon, but I do love an excuse to dress up a bit anyway, and this dress just about fits the bill. I find ChiChi are always quite snug fitting, so decided to size up for this dress, and its actually a bit loose around the waist. Saying that, it was quite nice last night to have extra room to breathe following a rather indulgent steak and wine, ha! A lovely new dress, and finally the right sized engagement ring, paired with three forgotten gems. These shoes that were once my all time favourites, this textured clutch, and this Lancome lippy, that I haven't touched for ages! 

This is my first weekend 'off' in a good while. I've either been ill, working on call, or helping Dan on his film set (very exciting)! Tomorrow I'm doing a wedding fayre spreading word about Dan's awesomeness - I'm not sure that entirely counts as work, as I'll be looking around with a different point of view now! 

What are you up to this weekend?
S xx



  1. Nice dress...really suits you. ;)

  2. Love that dress, you look gorgeous xx

  3. nice dress ;))

  4. Oh hi pretty! You're looking super skinny at the moment Miss.
    Gorgeous dress (I have to say that, I have it too!) xx

  5. This is a lovely dress. I definitely like having a bit of room for the food baby.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  6. Beautiful dress, I love the colours and style! It really suits you!

    Kimberley // Kimberley's Beauty Blog

  7. Gorgeous dress! The colours really compliment you x

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  8. You look great - Its a gorgeous dress and love the shoes !!

  9. You look so good! That sounded creepy. But yeah you look fab! What lipstick are you wearing?


  10. love the dress and u look very pretty:) love the shoes :)

  11. Going out for dinner is my favourite thing, any excuse to dress up! Love the dress, not heard of ChiChi. I couldn't help but notice your dressing table and drawers in the background. I have the same ones. Good old ikea!

  12. Classy outfit!


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