Sunday, 30 March 2014

Getting Fit // Finding the right gym

Its spring, and it appears that almost everyone has got their gym shoes on, whilst I'm still sat around at home. I have been looking for ways to keep fit beyond the 30 day shred, and the default way of getting some exercise is obviously to head to a local gym. We actually have a gym on the farm, but theres something soothing about having somewhere completely away from home or work - Somewhere focused on feeling the burn, and only that! 
However, you may find that simply going for whatever’s nearest doesn’t cut the mustard and that you need to sit down for some more careful consideration before you sign on the dotted line - After all, contract can be pretty annoying if you don’t enjoy using the facilities, and there’s nothing worse than the feeling of your money draining away without seeing any benefit or enjoying the service you’re stuck paying for. Here are some things to consider when weighing up the pros and cons of local gyms. 

Location //
The closest gym to where you live might be the first place you think to enquire, and it could just be that this will be spot on for your needs. I find that if its anymore than 15 minutes drive away though, its just far enough for me to sack it off on a Sunday morning (if you're like me and struggle to stay motivated, my old motivation post might help) I have alternatively looked for somewhere closer to work, and if you’re looking to work out during your lunch break (yeah right) or before your draining long journey home (this is me). It could end up being the ideal way to switch off after work, but if like me, your work is far away from home, using at the weekends will be out of the question, really.

Facilities //
Many gyms offer other activities such as sports or swimming pools to keep your exercise routine varied and enjoyable. I tend to look for somewhere with a pool and sauna for a 'treat' after working out. If you’re likely to get bored of hitting the gym machines week in, week out, other facilities and classes will keep things interesting for you. If you want to swim too, George's swimsuits are pretty good value, and then you're all set for yourself up for some fun, varied exercise.

Contract/Cost //
As aforementioned, you don’t want to end up tied in to a 12-month plan when you’re unsure if you’ve chosen the right place for yourself. If you’re a beginner to the gym experience, you may still be cautious about taking the plunge when you’ve given your choices some careful thought. I joined a gym whilst I was at uni that offered no-contract subscriptions. Yeah, it was a bit more expensive per month, but it meant I could drop out if I didn't like it or got bored (turned out I hated it there)! 

Gyms can seem a bit daunting at first and there’s more to think about than meets the eye if you want to really make a positive change towards a healthy lifestyle, especially if you feel a bit nervous about going public. Once you’ve considered these points you’re ready to make an informed decision and sign up to a gym that will be a real help on your quest for fitness. Whilst we're on the topic, if you're getting down to a gym soon, here are a few of my tips to get the most out of it!

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  1. Great advice about not diving into a 12 month pass. Definitely try different gyms out before you purchase that!

  2. been loving your fitness series! been looking to join a gym myself!


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