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A Disneyland Paris Surprise // A bit of news...

Disney Castle magic show was a little bit amazing! 
Transport, Disney style. 
 Disney Castle // The cutest carousel 
 I'm here!
Valentines appropriate floor graffiti // Yummy treats
 Nina Ricci promotional macarons - Its a gorgeous new perfume by the way! 
 Just give me all of them please? 
We found the Eiffel Tower (and stayed for a whole minute)!
 Pancake Breakfast // Disney Castle by night 
 A romantic bed setting? 

Dress - LOVE*
Belt - ASOS
Rings - Thomas Sabo/Pandora
Shoes - Nine West

How amazing is my dessert? Served in a chocolate Snow White shoe! 
Wanted all of these Disney shoe ornaments // Goofy kidnapped me!

Last Wednesday, a long awaited Christmas present came around, and we drove to Paris to visit a place I'd wanted to visit since I was a kid - Disneyland Paris. Dan couldn't hold a secret and managed to leak that he'd booked Disneyland way back in October, so we'd been waiting for what feels like forever for the trip to come around. A secret he did manage to keep though, is that he'd been planning to propose. 

Cliche perhaps that Dan proposed the night before Valentines, overlooking the Disney castle in an empty 5* restaurant, but there was nothing cliche about the bumbling mess he turned into as I shrunk down into my chair to get to his level as he refused to stand up, haha.

I say Dan managed to keep it secret, but before we went I'd noticed that my usual rings were out of place, and there were a few other hints, but he threw me off amazingly well since then. When we first arrived at Newport Bay hotel we had a few hiccups, and whilst I thought it wasn't too much to complain about it, Dan stormed off to reception to 'complain,' AKA start his proposal plans with the staff. He proceeded to keep me away from reception by telling me that he felt bad for the way he shouted at the staff, and actually he blamed it on me, 'the pushy angry girlfriend,' so naturally I stayed away from reception, happy in the fact we'd somehow managed to 'blag' a bigger, cleaner hotel room and dinner in the 5* hotel, even if I was made out to be a right witch! Of course, I hadn't realised that Dan had actually paid for all of this, and I had the wool pulled over my eyes.

Dan and I actually had a teensy argument as he was telling me the staff would move our suitcases after we'd left for dinner at 10pm! I wanted to move our cases when we got back from the park so we could just unpack and get ready in the new room, or just move them before we left rather than unpacking after midnight. I laugh now at how awkward I was making it for him, and he eventually told me to shut up because he had a surprise. I joked about a proposal and he even got mad, ha! I thought it must be the huge Thumper cuddly toy I ran around with in every single shop... Or a Mulberry. When I realised that he really wasn't going to propose after dinner, I told him I was wondering what my surprise was and asking if we could please hurry up back to the hotel - Cue Dan asking me if I really wanted to know, promptly followed by him pulling a ring out of his shirt pocket and lunging himself onto the floor beside me. 

Now, no matter how I teased about a proposal in Paris, nothing prepared me for it, and we were both a bit of a wreck. No fairytale hugging and tears as I always imagined, just two shaky, bumbling messes giggling away as I almost refused to believe it was really happening and he struggled to get his 'speech out' and most importantly  actually get an answer from me. Oops!? I wouldn't change it for the world - Not even how we returned to our 'honeymoon suite,' drunk tea and fell straight to sleep. Romance! 
I'm just glad I managed to wear this gorgeous wrap dress, with a rather fitting belt for the occasion, too. I didn't even bother re-doing my make up from the day, I just threw this on and applied a bit of lippy to freshen things up a bit. If only I'd have known! 

When Gala Bingo asked me to share my date stories to help celebrate their new Take Me Out game, I couldn't think of a better time to tell our little story, so there it is! You can get involved too, by sharing your date stories (please do)! Its strange to think back to our first date, sitting in the cinema, awkwardly excited to be alone together out of our little group of friends for the first time. I'm so lucky that there were never any embarrassing dating moments with us - Not that I can think of, anyway! I'm feeling super loved up at the minute, I'd love to know your stories too! 

Disneyland was amazing, by the way. I was mesmerised by the night shows projected onto the castle, and because we went during the week, we pretty much walked straight onto every ride, meaning that we had plenty of time left over to visit Paris and stuff our faces with macarons. I got a little emotional a few times, watching little girls run around dressed as princesses, literally screaming with joy as the parade started, and I have to admit I fought the kids and their parents to get my turn with Goofy - Who then proceeded to take my hand and kidnap me, with crowds of people walking after us, weird! 

Have you been to Disneyland Paris?
What did you think?
 S xx



  1. Awww congratulations!! Sounds perfect!! xxx

  2. Congratulations, that's amazing!!
    Gold Dust

  3. Awww congratualtions!! This looks like the most perfect trip! Beautiful photos!

  4. Aww, Congratulations to the both of you Sarah and the photos are beautiful. The dress is gorgeous.
    Wish you both all the best in your life.

    Health and Fitness:

  5. congratulations to you both! :)
    i went to disneyland paris when i was 4, but i can't remember any of it!
    i'd love to go back someday though!

  6. Aaww this is such a cute story, congratulations! xx

  7. Aww, congratulations! What a beautiful proposal. I hope one day, when I finally meet the man of my dreams that I too can write something lovely like this on my blog.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  8. cannot wait to see what you pull out the bag for a wedding dress ladyface ;) will you wear a bird on your head? lolol

  9. Congratulations! And your pictures are beautiful! xx

  10. Oh congratulations, what a lovely surprise!! Gorgeous photos, too :)

    Jess xo

  11. Massive congratulations to you both, wonderful news and what a special place to be in. Well done Dan!! Haha. :D
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  12. Thanks for your comment on my blog lovely - especially because it reminded me to come back to this post to comment and say congratulations!! (I read it at work but couldn't comment, so meant to when I got home and forgot!!). This is basically my dream, to get proposed to at Disney - you must be thrilled! It sounds very similar to what I'd be like too haha, inadvertently making things very difficult! And I love your dress with the Oui Non belt too - looks gorgeous!
    And re your comment: yes! It is ridiculously expensive, which is why I'm not recommending it to people! I'd love to have juices more often after doing it though, so am planning to buy my own juicer, which is basically the same price as the 12 juices themselves - crazy! Not sure what's going on to make them last the 3 days though...didn't really consider it much at the time, but now I think about it...!!

  13. Such a sweet story, massive congratulations to you both! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  14. congratulations!! it sounds absolutely perfect, not cliché at all and definitely something that you'll always remember! your photos of Disney are lovely too :) x

  15. I myself have been to Disneyland PARIS three times but rediscovered the beauty of that magical place through your lenses! Thank you for bringing the magic to life again!

  16. Haven't been there but it looks amazing based on your photos. Awesome shots!

  17. I was able to visit Disneyland Paris and Paris 10 years ago and I like how scenic Paris is and it's also very easy to navigate the place.

  18. Such a cute story! I love how clumsy it went but I think it made it even more perfect :D love all the photo's too, Disneyland is such a great experience and I think he made it even more memorable for you :) congrats again!

  19. OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! I just found your blog on the inlovewithfashion page but I'm so glad I did! looks like you and your FIANCEE had an amazing time!!! So happy for you!!!
    (following your beautiful blog on bloglovin)

    Stephanie's Look

  20. Oh WOW! I am so jealous. The pictures are amazing! I have never been to Disneyland, although I was studying in France, it is my biggest dream to go there some day and to meet ... Pluto. :) Yes, I'm still a child. Congratulations on your engagement!
    Rally's Beauty Highway

  21. That was a nice and lovely story! How sweet is your boyfriend. Very expensive engagement huh! hahahah..Hope all fiancee is like Dan! Congratulations!!

  22. Awesome images!
    Yes, I have been there and enjoyed my day although it was freezing outside.
    I am a disney child at heart and love these clicks :)

  23. wow!! what a nice place!! and nice photos too!!

  24. Oh my congratulations to you both! What a wonderful place for it to all happen too :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing


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