Thursday, 16 January 2014

Most Wanted // Off to Paris

1. Gingham Dress £48 Topshop
2. Waterfall Jacket £70 Jovonnista 
3. Chanel Lipstick £24 House of Fraser 
4. Shoes £15 BooHoo
5. Collar Necklace £20 Claires Accessories
6. Boots £22.50 New Look
7. Skirt £30 River Island
8.  Bag £26 Zara
9. Bow Clip £4.50 Claires Accessories
10. Skater Dress £22 Topshop

3 // Would you believe I've never even tried a Chanel lipstick? As amazing as they look, they've always been a little too costly for me. But realising that I have more than enough similarly priced YSL and Lancome lippys in my make up drawer, I reckon its time to branch out. I've heard that this range is super creamy and pigmented - What are your experiences of them?

9 // After being inspired by Crown and Glory, I'm desperate to widen my hair accessory collection and jazz up my work up-do just a touch. This striped bow is just the style I love, and its a cheapo from Claires! 

10 // I've actually picked up this dress from good ole' Toppers. Dan and I are heading to Paris (hello Disney Land) next month and I've been on the lookout for simple styles that can be worn in multiple ways, and this fits the bill, as well as being comfortable and flattering! 

I think I've got a decent reason to be shopping really - My wardrobe is looking tired, and I've been needing to inject some life into it for a while, and have a ruddy good clear out of the dresses I can't believe I ever wore, yikes! We're heading to Paris next month, and Rome in April, so I need some comfortable clothes, right? Its my first time in these places too, so if anyone has any recommendations, suggestions or advice, do leave a comment! 

S xx


  1. Damn shopping ban, I love that skirt! xx

  2. I love the shoes, what a bargain! They'd be fab for my friend's summer wedding, although I prefer to buy the dress first and then match the shoes rather than the other way around.
    Laura x | My Life in a Blog

  3. Gorgeous wishlist! I so love the gingham dress.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  4. Love the wishlist, I have never owned a Chanel LIpstick but I am off to the mall tomorrow to try them out finally! And have so much fun in Paris! <3



  5. I am in love with bows in hair at the moment! Looks like I'll have to get down to Claires. That skirt is lush too!

  6. the skater dress looks just gorgeous! great picks! xx

  7. Love the skirt!


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