Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Most Wanted // Christmas Gift Wish List

1. Nars UK Fling Lip Kit - £30 -  Urban Retreat
2. Thumper Pyjama Bottoms - £8 - George at Asda
3. Merry Marshmallow Yankee Candle - £8 - eBay
4. Vera Wang Lovestruck Perfume - £29.95 - FragranceDirect
5. Earrings - £45 - Pandora
6. Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Quartet - £60 - Urban Retreat
7. Mulberry Willow Handbag - £1674 - Luisa Via Roma
8. Quilted Jacket - £99.95 - Joules
9. Mondaine Watch - £165 - TheWatchHut
10. Bed Covers - £55-95 - Joules
11. Stacking Ring - £35 - Pandora
12. '2976' Boots - £110 - Dr Martens

Christmas is not far off, and here are a mix of items I've been lusting after for ages, and others that I've come across more recently. I find that more often than not, working with companies such as Media Agency London actually opens my eyes to things I might not have looked at previously. Take Joules for example, I'd heard of them but never really looked past anything other than what featured on British Bake Off, ha, but I'm now lusting after several products they offer. I guess its pretty dangerous for my bank balance! 

1 // Nars UK are on a roll at the moment. I've picked up a bunch of things from the Guy Bourdin collection, and now my eyes are set on this lip kit, complete with a bright red lip trinket box.

2 // I won't lie, when I get home from work I usually tend to slip straight into my pyjamas! I've got my eye on these cute thumper pi's, and they're fleecy too for extra warmth. *always cold*

7 // Ah, Mulberry. Every time I see another Mulberry I let out a painful sigh. I've wanted one since I was 17, and I'm thinking of taking the plunge soon, before we start saving for a house. It has to be done, right?

8 // A girl can surely never have enough coats, and Joules range of quilted jackets has impressed me. I don't have any other coat quite like this, and I'm loving the plaid detail too. 

9 // I totally forgot about this watch, but was reminded of it after seeing it on a colleague who let me try his on. I'd definitely want the smaller, ladies version, but I am still in love with the simplicity, with the touch of red. 

10 // Dan and I have spent an absolute fortune on our duvet covers, egyptian cotton, embroidered from Next, and they never seem to fit. We have a superking sized duvet, but all covers that size are at least 8 inches too wide, and its so annoying! This set from Joules range of duvet covers is cheaper than the ones we have, and its nice and bright too! Fingers crossed that it comes back in stock, because I have an excuse to buy another one (this time I'll try getting a king sized cover instead).

12 // Every year I seem to buy a new pair of black boots, and I'm running out of space. Thing is, I don't even wear most of them, so its time to sort it out once and for all. Find the perfect pair, and get rid of the rest. I love the look of these Dr Martens, and theres a store opening near me soon, so I might have to treat myself once more.

Whats on your Christmas list? 
S xx



  1. Lovely items, I'd be a very happy girl if I got the Laura Mercier set :o). Xx


  2. There's some absolutely gorgeous items on this list - in fact I'd be happy to take anything off of this list! Haha :) Hope you get some of the things you want for Christmas :)
    Keep in touch!
    www.lanouvellenoire.com xxx

  3. I've wanted a Mulberry for ages too. That one in particular is absolutely gorgeous!


  4. I'd be very happy to get any of those for christmas this year - some great choices! x

  5. that mulberry bag is on my wishlist!


  6. I am in love with that mulberry bag but it's just sooo expensive!:( Also love the Nars set, such good value! x

  7. Definitely asking for a few yankee candles for Christmas!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  8. I love the bedset, it is absolutely stunning. I don't know what is on my Christmas list yet, haven't decided!

  9. I've been bookmarking these types of blog posts because I want to buy most of the stuff for myself! I can't bear to think about christmas shopping, but I reckon i'll do all of mine online (providing I don't leave it to last minute) so these posts will be handy when I'm ready to do some gift shopping xxx

  10. Now this is exactly what a father of two daughters needs to find, ideas at last what i can get to keep my 18 and 22 year old daughters for Christmas. It's so much easier to buy for my 1 year old granddaughter, but me thinks i better stop spending on her, not meant to have favorites. Mind you i've only got one.

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