Sunday, 27 October 2013

What I Wore // Leopards and Hair Extensions




Shirt - Zara 
Jeans - Next
Jacket - Zara
Collar Necklace - Rock n' Rose
Rings - Vintage, Pandora, Thomas Sabo
Extensions - Remy at Xtras

As you can see, my hair appears to have miraculously grown overnight. Well, of course, its not all mine. My own hair seems to have reached its final length, and to my frustrations, I'm pretty sure it refuses to grow any more, as much as I'd love waist length hair. So when Xtra offered a few extra lengths, I of course jumped at the chance to see what I'd look like with super long hair, extensions or not. 

Now, I was a bit nervous. A little scared that I'd look a bit cheap, clips on show to everyone, and an obvious divide. The lovely ladies at Xtras colour matched me, as I clearly had no idea, and I think they'd done a pretty good job. With studio lighting, you can see where my natural hair and the extensions differ, but I actually think the match is pretty damn close, and looks like a natural fade, as such. My hair colour has faded anyway, eek! Here, I waved the hair to blend it in a little more, though I regretted it after, and I think they look better straight, as shown on Instagram! And with a little backcombing and hairspray, no clips were seen, according to Dan, however nervous I felt stepping out in them (I'm a plonker alright)! Considering how I felt before using them, they were surprisingly easy to clip in, and stayed put too - In fact they were more difficult to remove! 

I wore this 'chuck-on' outfit to dinner last weekend with Dan, at a new restaurant in the centre. Unfortunately, it was rubbish, overpriced, and then they abused us on Twitter, hilarious really! Things were made a little better as we went to the cinema though. We have unlimited cards and we really don't make the most of it - I should've known that'd happen when we took out the membership, oops! 

S xx



  1. extensions look great! I'm so tempted to get some more but I'm desperately trying to get mine to grow itself
    abi from a little dust

  2. I think they look really natural! x

  3. These look great, so natural!

  4. I was terrified going out in my clip in for the first time, convinced I could use them only for photoshoots, but I was amazed how discrete they actually are!
    Looking amazing girly <33

  5. Wow, these look so natural! Love them x

  6. Love your hair extensions, I really need to get some new ones myself!


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  8. I love your top it looks girly and cute. Super hair extensions too

  9. Really loving this look and those extensions look really natural and have inspired me to give some a go, really great outfit :)

    Laura x

  10. I can't tell which is your hair and which is the extensions! Fantastic. Love the blouse print too.

  11. Your Stennies are amazing!! They blend with your natural hair so well. And I'm so glad you got clip ins, I always shout at people who get them sewn or bonded in because it just wrecks your hair and is a major pain on the scalp. You look gorgeous too!!

    Kate (UK Bloggers)
    The Wet Brush - Brushing your hair in the shower or whilst it's still wet used to be a no-no but not anymore with this Tangle Teezer rival!!

  12. They blend pretty well! Look at you with your mermaid locks!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  13. Love your top, and your hair looks fabulous!

    Xo, Hannah


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