Thursday, 31 October 2013

NARS One Night Stand Limited Edition Blush Palette // Introduction and Swatches



 Nars One Night Stand Blush Palette £45

Top Row L-R // Devotee, Misinguette, Orgasm
Bottom Row L-R //  Laguna, Deep Throat, Goulue

I've recently managed to get my hands on this Limited Edition, Guy Bourdin collaborative blush palette, as part of Nars 2013 holiday collection. Of course, its my new beauty baby, and being a lover of Nars, I almost want another. The palette contains six powders, made up of three famous shades you might have heard raved about already; the Laguna bronzer, Orgasm, and Deep Throat. That is, as well as Mistinguette, Goulue and Devotee. Devotee is a highlighter, so all in all you're paying for a bronzer, highlighter, and four blush shades to lust for, and get your brush stuck into. Nars blushes are well known for being pigmented, long lasting, and for going rather a long way. But let me just show you what they look like, too...


Devotee is a pigmented, glossy highlighter with a slightly pink undertone to it, rather than being a stark white. I love this on the cheekbones, inner eyes and nose, and I'll definitely repurchase it when I finally hit pan.


Mistinguette looks like a scary neon shade of matte pink, but actually translates to a subtle glow when applied lightly, and is one that I happen to quite like. 


Orgasm is one of my all time favourite bronzers, peachy-pink with a subtle golden shimmer for a bit of inbuilt highlight. This is a best seller for a reason, and the first Nars blush I ever tried!  


Laguna is my favourite bronzer, and I've reviewed it previously, here. A tiny hint of shimmer without being shiny, natural looking, and not a glimmer of orange anywhere to be seen. 


Deep Throat is a sheer peach with tones of pink, and a bit of  golden shimmer,  I've been wanting to try for an age, and I think I might just prefer it to Orgasm. I suppose it sounds a bit like Orgasm, but its actually a little deeper and natural - Perhaps a better match for my darker hair! 


Goulue is a medium pink with slightly plummy/purple tendencies alongside the others. I found this to be extremely pigmented so a light hand is needed, (you can see I was a bit heavy handed here), but its a lovely autumn shade. 

Each blush is just a tiny bit smaller than a full pan, and so its pretty good value at £45 if you don't already have some of them. I'd say it isn't too bad considering I was just about to repurchase the Orgasm blush for £21.50 alone, and if you've tried Nars blushes before, you'll know that they hold superior qualities worth paying for (and the packaging is so velvety soft)! At the moment the palette is £45 from SpaceNK only, but I wasn't going to take a chance waiting to see if my local House of Fraser got them in stock - I missed out last year, and I already know and love Nars blushes in the entirety. 

You can grab the Nars palette here if you want to join the excessive blush lovers club with me. 
Have you ordered this?
S xx


  1. This is such an informative post, you look gorgeous by the way :) what a lovely palette.
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  2. Ahhhh isn't it beautifullllll?! All 6 of them suit you so much Sarah! Gotta love NARS! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. I need this in my life and you look so flawless x

  4. I really want this! A good blush can change your whole look x

  5. Such pretty colours, I'm really tempted to get this.


  6. I'm close to running out of my go-to bronzer, Benefit Hoola, and am in dire need of blushers too. This might just have to go on my wishlist (and dare I say, early Christmas list?!)

    Becks xo

  7. I picked this up the other day but still haven't swatched it or used it (not photographed it yet - #bloggerproblems!) but this post is making me so excited to dip my brush in there!! They all look so beautiful!


  9. Oh wow, I can't tell you how much I want this! Such great value x

  10. Ooh, this palette looks amazing. Great review!

    Xo, Hannah

  11. This is such a gorgeous palette!! Beautiful colours & they really suit you :)

  12. Love your blog sweeties, great post. I've been meaning to try Nars as a brand for a while now. This sounds great, I love the Laguna on you. Might have to see where they sell it near me. Happy New Year xx
    Heroine In Heels

  13. Sweet! I like the palette!
    ~Pauline @ Nars Philippines

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