Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Top of the Hairsprays


I don't often use styling products like this on my hair. I used to worship hairsprays and wax when I had shorter, layered hair, but now that its longer my focus is on keeping it as healthy as possible, even if that does mean sacrificing volume and texture to some extent. Recently though, I've started using such products again, and have managed to avoid cheap paint stripper smells and hair damaging products. Perhaps I've become a bit of a haircare snob, but after my hair falling out for so long, I'm determined to treat it a little better! Here are my few, favourite hairsprays.

Macadamia Control Spray - Best Flexibile Hold £10.50* //  This spray is lightweight and all round pretty invisible, and natural looking. I use this spray mainly at the roots to add a little moveable volume and shine, and it brushes out nicely too. Oh, and it has anti-ageing properties and proteins, so not only does it not leave my hair brittle like some, I don't feel like its drying out my hair either! 

Redken Pure Force 20 - Strongest Hold £9 //  I never do anything more intricate than a gibson tuck with my hair, but when I do this, Pure Force is my go to. I've been repurchasing this since I was 17 and I haven't even had that many. It has a strong hold and such a tiny amount is needed, keeping flyways at bay all day long. If I'm after a more 'finished' look I'll use this with curls or to add volume too. 

Got2Be 2 Sexy - Best Saver  £2.71 // This hairspray is an absolute bargain, and is probably the best smelling hair product ever, too. Its a bit drying though so I don't use this on my curls, but instead use it to add a bit of volume to my daily 'work' ponytail, and it does a decent job of taming my baby hairs.

What are your favourite hair sprays?
S xx



  1. I really want to try the Macadamia hair spray and £10.50 is the cheapest I've seen it! Lovely selection of hairsprays, I usually buy whatever's cheapest which probably isn't the best! xx


  2. i didn't know macadamia had a hair spray.. and it's not that expensive! definitely want to try it.

    from isabela at fusels.com | bloglovin

  3. I have the Got2Be one and you're right, it smells incredible!

    Katie | and-katie.com

  4. I really want to try the macadamia one! i usually just stick to tresemme hair spray x

  5. Hi Sarah! I'm a big fan of Aveda and John Freida. In fact, I just picked up John Frieda's Brunette hairspray after using a friends one evening. It did the usual keep hair in place promise, but also gave my hair a nice shine and bought out different shades of brown I never thought I had! I only use hairspray for nights out as I find it too much for every day.

    If you're looking for something for everyday, I use Moroccan Oil after I wash my hair, it doesn't only keep hair in place as if you've come out of a salon, but smells gorgeous too and is good for you! It's what I use when I don't have time to put in Coconut Oil.

    Rambling over :o)

    Nahid Aley at http://www.thethingsiloveblog.com


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