Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Getting a decent nights sleep // A Few Tips



Every so often I go through unbearable phases of not being able to sleep. Its usually when I'm stressed, as you'd expect, but sometimes for no real reason at all. When I really struggle to clear my mind, I get myself out of bed and write a list or something to offload, but otherwise, here are a few simple things that have changed the way I fall asleep and how I feel upon waking.

Bedding //
The most important comes first! We spent just under half of our lives in bed, so its worth investing in proper support and a really decent bed. When I moved in with Dan, we both dropped so much money in Dreams UK - On a super king sized bed and individual pocketed mattress (so I can't feel him fidgeting at night), expensive latex pillows and high thread count egyptian cotton. That was over a year ago and neither of us have any regrets, and we both look forward to climbing into our huge welcoming bed, whereas I used to wake up with neck ache. Maybe thats just age, but if anything, the latex ones are worth forking out for, they're still exactly the same shape and firmness and so incredibly comfortable. My mum has just got a new Silentnight mattress too, its hypoallergenic (which apparently helps with acne too) and as well as being individually sprung, it has a latex 'pillow' top layer. I've tried it, and its an absolute dream. Her opinion matches mine, in that getting a decent nights sleep and getting up ache free is absolutely priceless, so worth spending money on.

Candles //
I think candles really set an ambient mood for bed, and when I'm really struggling, this does help. Dan bought me a relaxing lavender scented yankee candle (£17) a while back, and I usually light it a while before we're planning to go to sleep to let off a nice relaxing scent (though the smoke when its blown out often ruins it).

This Works Pillow Spray £16 // 
I'm not sure how well this really works, but the aroma is quite relaxing and I love spraying it all over the bed. I'm sure after a while you'd start to associate the smell with sleep which kick starts something up in the cortex, but either way, if it helps me fall asleep I'm all over it. 

Other Tips // 
// A hot bath, perhaps with one of Lush's yummy 'Dreamtime' bath melts (£3.25).
// Keep your room dark, quiet, and on the cooler side (Not as cool as Dan would like mind, who insisted on having the air con set so low whilst we slept on holiday that I got so terribly ill from it, haha)!
// Warm milk? Mmm...
// And if you're really struggling, there are a tonne of tips here

Is this post making me seem like a full blown oldie?
Ah well, what are your tips for getting a good nights sleep?
S xx


    Just kidding. Love this
    As for yankee smoke? Lick your thumb and index finger and pinch the wick after you've blown it out, it stops the smouldering and the smoke though it does give you sooty fingers so you'll want to wash them. That's what I do anyways. Currently been using cherry yankee candles. Apparently they're my favourite now.
    We need a new matress.. ours is terrible. Too tight to invest in a new one though when we can't go jump up and down on them.
    I've read dairy is actually bad for you before bed, though I think ANYTHING warm just relaxes the insides. Bliss. <3
    Love this post <3

    Lizzums x

  2. My mattress has been causing me a few problems (waking up with aches & pains) so I think I definitely need to invest in new bed things, especially now that I'm about to move houses! Great post :)


    1. I think spending money on a bed is something you'll never regret!! x

  3. It's a few years since I last had a new mattress and I think it's probably time for a new one. I very often have sleepless nights.

    1. Remember, almost half of your life... Definitely worth it ;)

  4. I definitely agree with the bedding - 100% cotton keeps things breathable and is worth shelling out for. I have the pillow spray too and I do like it, I definitely think lavender helps. I may have to try a lavender Yankee Candle as I love them so any excuse :)

    Love this post!

    Jo x

    1. This egyption cotton we've got makes such a difference, its lovely! Yessss, get the yankee, I just love the packaging :P

  5. I love having a good night's sleep so this was a great post. I love having candles lit but I always think I'll fall asleep! Fairy lights are really good too :)

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. FAIRY LIGHTS, yes, definitely need some, who needs an excuse?!

  6. This is a really handy post for me! I find it so hard to get to sleep and i'm dreading starting uni again because i know how early i'm gonna be getting up in the mornings! x

    1. Oh I'm exactly the same! I've finished uni but now waiting to start my job - 5.30am we are NOT friends!! Glad you liked :) xx

  7. Tom and I bought a memory foam mattress. Best thing ever! I really want to buy a new duvet and pillows for the colder months. Thats what being old does. it makes you excited about bedding haha

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

    1. Oh I'm not keen on memory foam! Oooh pillows, definitely worth a splurgeeeee <3


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