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Hair Colour Fading? // How to preserve your hair colour as intended, for longer.


After dying my hair dark a few months ago, I've discovered that actually, light roots against dark hair is just as bad as dark roots against light hair. As a lighter blonde than my natural mousy colour, I found several products that kept it looking pretty decent, though now my hair is dark I've really pulled my thumb out and found the absolute best in 'hair colour care.' Heres my suggestions: 

Pigment Masks // 
If you have red hair, you'll love this one. I first used the red Colour Restore pigment (£12) in hope that it might brighten up my hair colour after my light brown/auburn colour began to fade. It didn't work exactly how I imagined, and instead turned my hair bright pink. After a night of frantic washing I managed to tone it down to a nice colour, and from then onwards used a tiny amount mixed with shampoo once a week to keep my hair ever so slightly pink (like this). This lasted about three washes each time. 
Redken's highlight fuel (£19) is one for all multi-tonal colours. A super conditioning boost, refreshing the original colours and keeping tones looking as intended. I found that if I didn't use this, over time my highlights would just blend into one colour. For that reason, I swore by this stuff when I had copper highlights through my blonde hair.
Redken's blonde glam colour enhancer (£13mask leaves a subtle deposit of blonde colour without yellow or orange tones, and completely eliminates brassiness. It also smells amazing and leaves hair feeling lovely. It costs a fair penny but it lasts absolutely ages and puts off another hairdresser visit for a few weeks - So worth it! 
A more recent edition to my collection now that my hair is dark, is this Phyto chocolate gloss (£20*) - Similar to colour restore, its a chocolate scented pigment that revitalises dark colours whilst injecting a boost of moisture, though this is available in different shades and lasts for around three washes. I keep this on for 5 minutes after shampooing and the results are perfectly disguised roots and a more even colour. Its love, and I think this needs its own review! 

Washing  //
Lush Daddy-O shampoo (£5) is perfect for keeping brassiness at bay in blonde hair, though its a perfect all round shampoo anyway. Mainly because It smells like palma violets. After trying so many 'cheaper' colour hold shampoos like Loreal Elvive and John Frieda, I decided it was time to look up to the masters. I'm surprised Loreal Elvive was so rubbish seeing as its made by the same company as Kerastase, but this Kerastase Chroma Riche Shampoo (£13) and Kerastase Chroma Thermique Conditioner (£15) duo is the best I've tried despite the huge price tag, and has definitely slowed down fading. 

After Washing //
 This Clynol Colour & Care Enhance (£7*) is applied to damp hair before styling. To me, it seems to do exactly the same job as Kerastase Cimet Thermique, but tonnes cheaper. Its a leave-in conditioning treatment, and I use this after every other wash and it leaves hair feeling silky smooth. The Clynol Colour & Care spray (£10*) is also a nice light spray to use through hair drying. I accidentally discovered the power of a similar product - Alterna Rapid Repair Caviar spray (£26). Not only is it a lovely softening, protecting product, but when I dyed my hair multi tonal ginger, this product was used daily and somehow kept my hair looking salon fresh even as it began to fade to blonde. By that I mean, the colours didn't fade into one, but all kept their own tones, so my hair faded from this, to this, which I loved more than the original colour, and then this.
Coloured Batiste (£3) is definitely a temporary thing, but so helpful when the roots start showing. I much prefer the blonde one to the brown one, as this seems to take the shine out of hair completely. 

What do you use to avoid fading? 
Have you tried any of these before?
S xx


  1. What a great post! I dye my hair frequently however I have a hard time finding products to keep mine from fading/growing out. I dye my hair black and most of the brunette treatments just make my hair brown again haha! I'll try some of these though! xx

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