Thursday, 20 June 2013

Toni & Guy Infusion Straighteners // Steamin' Review



Toni & Guy Infusion Straighteners £79.99*
Toni & Guy Heat Protection Mist £6.39*

When these straighteners first arrived I thought back to my first ever straighteners as a teen. They were chunky, had interchangeable plates, and a reservoir to put water into. They absolutely ruined my hair, and didn't actually straighten them a whole lot either. But that was around 9 years ago (wow), and surely things have changed by now. 
These straighteners are similar. They have a removable section for which your heat protector can be fill - I was sent the Toni & Guy one, which is obviously what they recommend, and whilst the nozzle fits nicely into the filling hole, I don't see why you can't use any other. The on/off switch and temperature control is on the side, and they heat up in under 10 seconds with a light indicator. The temperature switch is rather annoying - I find I accidentally turn it up during usage, and I wish it actually went lower than 160' because my thin hair can do with much less. 

So, first impressions? I hated it. For the steam to release, a button is pressed as you clamp the straighteners together, and to press that button adequately, you have to really clamp the straighteners, way more than you usually would. This led to difficulty actually gliding the straighteners through my hair and as a result, a really odd finish as the straighteners caught on my hair and left some areas 'more straightened' than others. Does this even make sense? 

My hair did look shiny though and smelt amazing, so I gave them another go, and I'm pleased to confirm that it gets easier with practice. The turning point for me though, was when I decided to DIY these bad boys, and put blu-tack over the button. By doing this, the button is pressed immediately as I clamp the straighteners together, and steam is released straightaway. This eradicates the need for straining my hand, and I know that my hair is getting the heat protection (You can hear it)!

If you know me you will be fed up of me raving about my Corioliss C2's, so it was always going to be a huge challenge for any straightener to come close - But my mind is now firmly open and I actually love these! Its well worth the initial faff and DIY for the results - My hair doesn't feel so 'dry' afterwards, and my hair is left sleek and soft! Post DIY, I actually prefer them to my Corioliss, eek! 

Overall, they're flawed, purely because of the need to clamp so tight you're at risk of snapping your hair -  It could be completely avoided with something as simple as a slightly bigger button too. But Its honestly worth the faff of adding blu-tack or something. Then they rival the top brands and leave a smooth, shiny finish, and with the Toni & Guy heat protecter, a gorgeous smell that actually lasts too! Gone are the nightmares of my first steam straighteners, these are amazing! 

Would you give these a go?
What do you think of this concept?

S xx


  1. OMG i remember the straightners with the water reservoir !! haha with my thick hair they literally didnt do anything!!

    These sound a bit faffy!

  2. Sounds good! but bit of an effort & quite pricey!xxx

  3. Great post! So interesting & informative. :)

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