Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Summer Wardrobe // Must Haves


I didn't know where to start when it came to packing for my holiday I know I wasn't alone in  staring at that little box of a suitcase wondering how on earth I was going to fit the contents of my entire wardrobe into that tiny little space. Seems impossible! Luckily I managed to sneak some of my bits into Dan's suitcase, ha, but I do try to be wise, and find those fundamental 'must haves,' letting everything else fall into place around those. Here are a few ideas. 

Printed swimwear
Let’s face it, what would a holiday wardrobe be without some glamorous swimwear? Whether you’ve worked on that beach bod of yours or not ( I didn't, hello jelly belly)! there’s a slimming swimsuit out there just waiting to make you look like a Bond Babe. Printed swimwear is bang on trend for 2013, though I don't know if I'll ever be able to stray from my newest striped number. From zany geometric prints to pretty polka dots, theres plenty of patterns! Striking sexy animal prints work great with olive skin, whereas paler complexions are more suited to ditzy dainty florals. Or stripes, (Always stripes).

Jelly Shoes
Yeah, Jelly shoes are back and have been an essential for me, last year and for this holiday too. Making a much welcomed return to the fashion scene, these plasticnumbers are the perfect excuse to feel nostalgic and to take a trip back to your childhood years.
In all seriousness, whilst Crocs aren’t the best I do adore jelly shoes - And they're so easy to wash! Recreate that childhood chic, grab a blast from the past, they're fun and actually really comfortable! My favourites were from Tesco and JuJu, and they were both dirt cheap.

Skater Skirts
If you’re looking for a flattering, staple that promises to go with anything, skater skirts are a win win all round. They’re the ultimate holiday transition piece. You could wear it with a baggy tee and cute sandals or a crop top and some stylish two tone wedges!

Find those select statement items and the rest of packing will be a breeze.
One thing we forgot to pack, was trousers. We've come to a five star hotel and can't eat in any of the restaurants as Dan isn't 'appropriately dressed.' Eh-hum.

What are your staples?
S xx


  1. I LOVE skater skirts and I've been really excited over the return of jelly shoes! Haha! Have a great vacation! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate | bloglovin'

  2. These are my three staples too- I need more jelly shoes in my life! x


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