Friday, 3 May 2013

Strengthening your hair? // Herbalife Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner

Strengthening shampoo & conditioner - Around £9 each* 

My poor hair has been incredibly fragile, always. My hair splits, snaps and sheds at a rate leaving me slightly perplexed as to why I've not yet gone bald. Herbalifes shampoo and conditioner sounded like a dream. I was skeptical when it first arrived because I've tried no end of apparently life changing products that in reality barely rocked my boat. I mean, can a shampoo really strengthen your hair!?

This shampoo is sulphate and paraben free, so no worries about any nasties here. It claims to strengthen hair and reduce breakage by 90%. If this really worked, it'd be a hair miracle. It contains aloe vera to moisturise hair, and then hydrolysed wheat protein, to strengthen it whilst not fading any colour (important for me)! I'd not previously heard of hydrolysed wheat, so I did a bit of research and it retains moisture, reduces porosity and encourages covalent bonding (Read more here). I did also read that a build up of protein can overload the hair, so I use this in alternation with my colour preserving shampoo, and use a clarifying shampoo every so often, just to be sure.

First things first, I noticed how nicely it lathers and how easy it is to work through the hair and rinse out. After blow drying my hair the smell became really noticeable. I didn't notice anything particularly special whilst washing my hair, but afterwards, I smelt like I'd been in a salon. Its hard to describe, and my salon use Kerastase and Loreal pro, so maybe thats just it, but to me there always seems to be a 'salon hair smell' that is unique even if you use the same products. Why is that? My hair also felt like I'd been in a salon. You know as you step out of a salon having just had the perfect blow dry, your hair feels light and swishy? Thats exactly what this shampoo leaves my limp hair with, and whilst I wouldn't say this shampoo adds volume, it just feels so light. This is probably my absolute favourite feature about the duo, I love that feeling. 

Another huge plus point about this duo, is that when I used it I can go two nights without washing my hair. Rewind a year or so ago, I used to wash my hair daily until I realised it was only causing more damage. These days I usually wash my hair every other day before it starts to look dull a little oily, though this keeps my hair going for three days strong, which has to be another strengthening feature in itself, because as a result I'll be blow drying less, straightening less, and so less hair will be snapping. 

So, does my hair feel 'stronger' overall? Well, I've definitely noticed less snapping whilst combing it, and its easier to do so - It usually tangles so easily when wet, meaning that I end up with clumps everywhere. I love that I can go longer between washes, and I do believe my hair appears thicker, though my split ends are still prominent and as annoying as ever. 
Would I repurchase? Yes, I'll definitely be buying this again even though they're annoyingly not sold in stores and rather through local distributors (Avon style)! If you want to order this, click on 'contact a distributor' on the site, and they'll get in touch! (old school)!

Have you tried this?
Whats your favourite shampoo and conditioner?

S xx


  1. I've never tried these. Phyto is my favourite brand but currently using Naked xx

    1. I've never tried photo! Got some gloss to try though, canna wait!! x

  2. Can you get them online anywhere? That is annoying! But they seem worth trying out.

    1. I'm still searching, there must be a way to contact a dealer online!! x

  3. This looks to be exactly what I need too!! I shed so much hair (especially when its wet) that I cant believe im not bald yet, although saying that I do have stupidly thick hair!! Might have to get these! let me know if you find some online somewhere!

  4. Seems to be nice produtcs !

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  6. Scalp rub is one more tip for quicker hair growth. Caffeine conditioner

  7. Aside from the solace of the salon, hair care from home is certainly not a troublesome issue by any means. Coming up next are a couple of basic hints that will assist your hair with becoming sound and growth vitamins


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