Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Thorntons 'Especially For You' Chocolate // Giveaway

Chocolate Jenga! 
'Especially For You' chocolate box £15*

This has to be one of the most enjoyable items I've ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Of course, most of us are impartial to a bit of chocolate now and then. I am, especially. You could call me a full blown chocoholic. I am however, also a great lover of packaging. Now, Thorntons appear to have had a little overhaul recently, and the outcome is a little more 'upmarket' looking of which I approve. Here, is a clever and cute book style presentation. If it wasn't for the Thorntons logo I could probably get away with hiding these from Dan, but alas, caramel, honeycomb and fudge are his absolute favourite, and he set about munching his way through these as soon as he clapped eyes on them.
 I must admit that I'd seen these in store before, and thought they were ridiculously expensive for what they were. Now though, I realise that there are two rows (good job too, with Dan on the loose), and they are incredibly thick, as you can probably tell. I love the unconventional baton style, perfect for chocolate jenga I thought - Or perhaps I'm just odd and need to stop playing with my food. 

So, I could apologise and be sorry for making you all drool over chocolate, and the inevitable cupboard wandering that will soon follow, but Thorntons have ever so kindly offered another box of chocolates, exactly the same as this one, for a giveaway. 
One of you lovely lot, picked completely at random, will win a box of these scrummy chocolates simply by filling in the rafflecopter form as per usual. 

Good luck, and enjoy! 
S xx



  1. Yummiest giveaway I've seen! xox

  2. lol chocolate jenga is a sterling idea! I like playing chocolate poker, but I always lose :( defo partial to a bit of choccer xxx

  3. I love the new packaging! My partner always buys me a huge box of Thorntons every Valentine's day and it never lasts long :)

    1. So much better isn't it?! Ah ooh-er spoilt!! Good lad ;) x

  4. Yummy.... these look awesome!!

  5. I love the idea of chocolate Jenga! Haha.
    These look so good :)

    Jesss xo

  6. Omg they look so yummy :)

    Ems promakeupartistblog.blogspot.com xo

  7. Those chocolates look delicious! I love the jenga picture, it's so fun haha.

    x Sam

  8. Luckily, I was wise enough to play alone, so I won either way mwuahaha ;)

  9. Ooh, so glad I saw your tweet about this! Last minute entry! Phew! Haha xx


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