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Spa break // Sopwell House in St. Albans


Cosiest jumper ever - Ravi Famous*
Jacket - Zara
Scarf - Dorothy Perkins
(No make up - I didn't to smear it everywhere in the spa)!






Dress - H&M
Jacket - Zara
Clutch - Primark

Every so often, we all need a break. So just before I started placement, Dan and I decided on a little spa break not too far away from home, Sopwell House in the lovely St. Albans!

The lobby was amazing, with a variety of rustic textures complimented by rich colours and finished with a grand fireplace. I planted many images into the depths of my mental pensieve (I wish they really excited), for interior inspiration when Dan and I move out of our flat and eventually can afford to put a deposit down on our own house. One day!

We weren't told where anything was on our arrival, which I thought was a bit silly. The locker rooms, once I eventually found them were frustrating. I thought I'd figured out the locker system with the help of another visitor, only to find my locker open when I came back to it - luckily everything was still there, but I clearly wasn't the only person having trouble. Then again, I seem to lack common sense in these areas.

The spa area was nice, but lacking a few touches. It actually reminded me of a Virgin gym that I used to be a member of - It had a nice steam room, sauna, spa pool and a swimming pool, and the comfy lounge chairs next to the pool were a much welcome addition, but if I didn't have a massage treatment, it would've just felt like a fancy gym or leisure centre. 
This was further perpetuated by the aqua aerobics class (with loud music and a shout instructor) the next morning, and the influx of of kids. Its difficult to snooze and relax when there are kids screaming, and bombing into the pool. I guess it was stupid to go during half term - But I didn't think there'd be more kids than adults at a spa, am I totally wrong to expect this? But then again, it is a leisure club too, which takes away from the 'retreat' label I was hoping for, and just wasn't what we expected, I have to admit...
To improve the area, I'd like to see a comfortable waiting area for treatments and a seperate 'chilling' area for afterwards - Instead we were sat in some worn chairs outside the hair salon, adjacent to the corridor where the walls were being repainted. The treatment though, was amazing. I was asked about areas of concern, and she actually listened and really worked into those areas which was a huge relief.

Our hotel room though, was lovely. The bathroom was gorgeous, as were the smellies provided - I always judge a hotel on their goodies, even though I like to bring my own stuff. The bed was big, soft and seriously cosy, and the TV volume actually went higher than a whisper! I hate it when hotels put a low lock on the volume and then disable subtitles - For someone who is hard of hearing (eh-hum, me), its seriously frustrating. Facilities in the room were perfect, and the food in the hotel Brassiere was lovely too!

I can't help compare the facilities at Sopwell House to Thermae Bath Spa, with a higher water temperature for therapeutic effect, with waterfalls, jaccuzi areas, flowing jets and a separate rooftop pool as well as four fragranced steam rooms. Then again, Thermae Spa is expensive (so worth it). 
For £300 Dan and I stayed in a gorgeous room; We both had a 3 course Dinner, Breakfast and Lunch, as well as a 55 minute full body massage, each. I'd say thats good value for money.
A rough guess perhaps, but separately, a hotel room could be £80-100, Dinner £60, Breakfast £20,  Lunch £20 and £140 for two full body massages. So if you're looking for a luxurious short getaway, then this is a pretty good deal!

Whats your favourite spa?
Have you been to this one? (Or Thermae)?

S xx


  1. Yes. I think a "chilling" area for after treatments is so important. It's the perfect place to relax and chit-chat with the girls.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Fashion

  2. So lovely!!!

  3. Gorgeous girl :) I love your photos and the way you write. Your blog layout is also amazing :) Lov the rollovers!

  4. wow that looks gorgeous, i need a spa day soon!! Hope you had fun :)

  5. Thanks For The Great ConTent Sir. I Will also shaer with my Friend & ones again Thanks a lot.

    Thanks For The Great ConTent Sir. I Will also shaer with my Friend & ones again Thanks a lot.

  6. Thanks For The Great ConTent Sir. I Will also shaer with my Friend & ones again Thanks a lot.

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