Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Things to do when you're stuck inside // Saving money!


Organise //
My dressing table seems to get cluttered so easily, and its often easy to forget what I own, amongst my ever growing collection. I've sorted through all of my Muji drawers, cleaned them, organised my perfumes and put away skincare that I don't often pick up anymore.  
When it comes to clothes, if you're short of 3 friends willing to wait around and vote (a la sex and the city), then you're going to have to be brutal with yourself, especially if you're a horder like me! This guide should help you decide what to keep, and what to get rid of! 
I've got quite a few unloved bits for a blog sale/eBay, some bits to give to my mum, and some to give to charity! Win win all round really.

Spring Clean //
Usually, I only really seem to clean when I have lots of important work to do, and am desperately searching for anything to do but face the looming deadline of that dreaded essay. Well exams are over for now, and whilst theres been 'nothing to do' for a while, I've put some loud music on and given the flat a bit of a spring clean. That way, when I have work to do, theres less to distract me! 


Play Games //
I live with 2 other people (Well 3, but our other housemate is almost never here, weird), so I pulled us all together for a good old game of Bingo. CostaBingo were kinda enough to send us a fun-time kit, complete with a Pizza Hut voucher and dvd! We managed not to argue, once, and we genuinely had a good laugh! We definitely need to make more of an effort to get off of our computers and have a bit of cosy fun in the lounge.

Get Social // 
Call a friend that you've not spoken to a while, who you love dearly but seem to have lost touch with amongst the hustle and bustle of daily life. You might make someones day, and cheer yourself up with a good natter, too! 


Watch DVDs //
Grab a bowl of popcorn, a duvet, and a selection of your favourite films. You don't need to feel guilty!

Read // 
I never feel like I have the time to read. I have a huge stack of books that I'd like to read, but I know how relaxing it can be getting stuck into a book, and how dangerous it can be getting sucked into it - I'm scared I'll get addicted and it'll turn into a huge distraction. But seeing as you're not going anywhere anyway, you might as well read that book you've been meaning to read for ages.


Experiment // 
Before I started University, I used to spend so much time watching vlogs and experimenting with new looks. These days I seem to have got myself stuck in a make up rut! If this is you, take some time to have a look whats out there and try out some new looks, you might find that you do suit purple eyeshadow, after all! (I never will).

So, if you've not noticed already, its been snowing quite a lot recently, in some areas, and in some cases, public transport has been cancelled and 'snow days' have been on the increase. Rather than sitting in all day watching Jerermy Kyle and Bargain Hunt - Here are a few ideas that are guaranteed to make you feel better for taking the day off of work. 

What do you do when you can't afford to go out, or you're snowed in? 

S xx



  1. I honestly need to do the majority of these - especially spring cleaning! It feels so refreshing after it's finally done! ^.^


    1. This is awesome! I think I do the spring clean a lot, but otherwise I just sit around on the laptop, oops!

  2. Fantastic idea for a post...I could really learn from this instead of wasting my time spending money online! xx

    1. Haha you're just like me, eBay is evil, and all this blogging makes me want everything haha xx

  3. Great ideas there! I'm one for cleaning - a lot - when I'm bored haha! But that also might be because my boyfriend makes a big mess then heads off to work :P

    1. Haha the same happens in this household too, must be a boy thing!! :D xx

  4. Hey! What palette is the big multi coloured rainbow palette in the last picture?

    Liv x

    1. Ooh it was just a cheap one from eBay!! xx

  5. I really enjoyed this post! It reminds me of the fun I used to have with my girls when we lived together at uni. We always played games and watch dvds... its the simple pleasures that are the best :D


    1. Ah that sounds awesome - Its so easy to get stuck in a rut just sitting on the computer day after day but the fun really is in the simple bits as you say <3

  6. I love to clean and organize (I am kind of a neat freak!) so a night in cleaning makes me happy! I also love catching up on blogs I love to read. just stumbled upon yours and love it already!

    love from NYC,

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