Friday, 11 January 2013

Clynol Ready, Steady, Glow // Wonder 10 & Glow Precious Oil

Clynol Wonder 10 £9.99*
Clynol 'Glow' Precious Oil £15.49*

My hair is fine, but also frizzy and dry, and I've always hated it. It is especially fluffy when its being washed, and without the help of various products, its also pretty flat. You could say that my hair has a temper, most of the time!

I've used the Wonder 10 spray every single day since it arrived on my doorstep. Its amazing to use as a leave in treatment after washing instantly de-tangling, making a blow dry so much easier and leaving hair smooth and soft. Its also great to add shine and a gorgeous scent to dry hair too. It claims have 10 benefits: Repair & nourish, de-tangle, improve shine & smoothness, UV colour protection, banish static & frizz, reduce split ends, add bounce & vitality, easier blow drying, restore moisture and provide a pure feather light formula. The most prominent for me is its nourishing properties, detangling, improved shine, ability to banish static and restore moisture. Pretty much all of them, but it really is a wonderful product. This has probably over taken Alterna and hit the spot for number one hair product for me. 

I love hair oils, but, If you've ever gone too far with Moroccan Oil or any similar hair oil, you'll know how it feels to use just a little too much oil, and have greasy hair that looks like you never even washed it. Well, that point is incredibly easy to reach when 'just a tad' is difficult to distribute through the ends of an entire head of hair, and the disastrous tipping point is ever so slim. Frizz fest or grease tub, I'm not sure which is worse. 
Clynol's Precious Oil is made with African Marula Oil, rich in antioxidants and Oleic acid. It claims to smooth, gloss, and help achieve 90% split end reduction. The biggest thing I've noticed with this oil is that its impossible to use too much, its runnier than other oils, and is a perfect match for my thin hair. Not only that, but it actually seems to lighten hair. You know the feather-light, swishy feeling you get after a hairdresser washes and blow dries your hair? Yeah, that. I've never been able to obtain that at home, but somehow this oil seems to lift the weight from the end of my hair that usually weighs my hair down to look so flat. This is, hands down, the best hair oil that I've ever tried. 

I've not once felt the need to use any other product in my hair since this duo arrived into my possession. I tend to use them together, applying the oil to towel dried hair, and spraying the wonder 10 just before its completely dry, and then again when its completely dry, or after straightening. Unfortunately they don't seem too easy to get hold of, which is a shame as I will buy these again and again. 

S xx



  1. I really love Clynol products, havent tried these though so will definitely look into them!
    Zoe |

  2. These sound amazing, we definitely have the same type of hair! I really want to try more hair oils. xo

  3. I haven't tried Moroccan Oil yet. Is it magic like everyone says? I have thick hair and afraid that it will look drippy.

    1. If you have thick hair it might work well but its a little too gloopy for my liking!! x

  4. I love clynol products. they really do the job!
    I havent tried these ones...yet!haha
    lovely review :)
    hareem x

  5. I agree that the Clynol Oil is so much lighter than other oils! Makes my hair super soft! I slather it on my ends before i go to sleep, works wonders x

    1. OooOooh I'm going to try that tonight!! Thank you <3

  6. Hi so glad to find your blog via the herts/beds/bucks blogger facebook group. It's lovely and I've already had a good read. Your outfit posts are fab and I've enjoyed what you have to say about haircare too. Looking forward to following you more, I'm on bloglovin. Good to find a local blogger too, I am near Luton. I enjoyed your shuttleworth post, my bro went to college there :)

  7. I really like Clynol products, think I may have to try the Wonder 10 as it sounds just like what I need at the moment! xx


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