Monday, 1 October 2012

Clarins Lisse Minute Autobronzant // Delicious Self Tanning Cream


                                                                                     Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Cream (Body) £21.50
                                                                                        Clarins Lisse Minute Autobronzant (Face) £17.50

I've tried so many face tans in the last few years; St Tropez, St Moriz, Rimmel, Fake Bake and that's to name a few. I don't tend to use fake tan on a day-to-day use, Ive always been one to apply fake tab for special nights out and throughout the summer to avoid blinding the population with the reflection from my bright white legs. I'm pale, and I don't mind being pale, but I do mind looking like I've stepped out of the twilight file set whenever I've got no make up on, but sometimes I find fake tan pointless and effortful for winter.

That was until I found these Clarins fake tan products. I bought the Lisse Minute Autobronzant facial tanner on my flight home from Kefalonia on impulse and was at first apprehensive about using it purely because I hadn't had chance to read any reviews and I'd never actually applied fake tan to my face for fear of it going wrong and leaving me streaky and stained, eek. 
Well, this wasn't a problem with this Clarins fake tanner, its a silky smooth mousse, feels creamy to touch and spreads evenly across the face when using fingertips. The tint is very gradual  - After applying it three times I had built up the subtle glow that I was hoping for, which is actually quite reassuring when you're hoping for a gentle, even application. This can be applied underneath make up as well - It actually feels like Benefits Porefessional to apply, and it does the same job too - I love when a product goes beyond what its advertised to do, this makes a great primer!

The caramel coloured Delicious Self Tanning Cream for the body is however, a completely different texture as you can probably tell. To apply, its creamy and incredibly nourishing, and thats probably down to the cocoa butter and that alone ranks highly in my priority list! I've never known a fake tan like this - I apply it without a glove because it washes off of my palms without a problem, yet it dries so quickly! 
I've had zero problems with streaking and it fades so gradually that I have trouble figuring out whether the tan has actually faded or if I'm normally the colour that I am (?!). It is quite a natural shade, so if you're looking for a dramatic 'wow' colour, then this probably isn't for you. However, its lovely, quick and easy to apply, has a gorgeous subtle but definite tint and genuinely smells delicious (As do both of these products actually)!

These are both, my absolute favourite all time fake tan products, and despite the price, I'll be rushing out to buy them again the moment they both run out (I've used a lot more since taking these, but a little goes a long way)! If you could only buy one of these, I'd go for the Delicious Self Tanning cream which can also be used on the face but I haven't tried it - I still daren't!

Whats your favourite fake tan?
Have you tried this range? What do you think?

S xx



  1. I love the Clarins' Lisse Minute Autobronzant. I also bought it on a whim before I had a chance to check reviews, but I love it. I use it two days in a row and get the perfect natural tan. I love that it's not orange and looks really good on my yellow/olive skin tone.

    Great review!

  2. I totally need to try this. I am so painfully pale lol! You've given such a great review that I think I really should give them a go!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  3. These look pretty darn awesome. Would it be awful of me to admit that I just put body tan on my face?.....



  4. I have the St Tropez sensitive skin one but I'm scared to try it on my face...This one sounds awesome!

    The Style Rawr!

  5. At first, it looks like caramel that is why it looks yummy. I find the packaging classy, looks expensive. I am interested in trying it out for it is much cheaper than going to tanning salons. Hope that my skin likes it the way I like to use it hahaha.

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