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Matalan Guest Post // What I Wore // One skirt, two ways

Sorry if you have already seen this post - Matalan recently asked me to write guest post for them and of course I absolutely jumped at the chance! I chose an item of clothing that I wouldn't usually 'go for' and set myself a little challenge - I need to get more out of every single piece of clothing I own! Everything featured in the below pictures is available from Matalan (apart from the shoes, they're from New Look and Tesco's)!

 Dress up:


Dress down:




Some styles of clothing can be intimidating and thus somewhat difficult to wear. Despite knowing this, and the various rules about what shapes and styles we should wear for our body shape plunged into us repeatedly, sometimes there comes an item that you just absolutely, must have. Take this pencil skirt for example. I'm a pear shape with a small waist and 'eh-hum' child bearing hips. Most pencil skirts struggle to pass the test of fitting both of these areas at the same time. That, and the horizontal stripes - This skirt should be a no-go for me. However, ever the lover of stripes, I gave into this skirt and was surprised at how well it fit thanks to its comfortable stretch potential. 

Being on a budget, I was determined to make this skirt go far; so decided to create two simple, easy to replicate outfits with the stripy skirt being the centre of attention. Whilst at the back of my mind pencil skirts are purely for professional attire, I broke the mould and experimented a little, and am now proud to say that this skirt is a versatile staple in my wardrobe! 

In the first look, I've dressed the skirt up a little with a loose burgundy top, and added timeless accessories to finish the look, perfect for a dinner date.
In the second look, I've played things down a little for a daytime look, with a casual vest top and more trendy accessories that I am completely in love with at the moment!
I've not stopped playing with this skirt - It also looks fab with a playsuit underneath, band t-shirts, loose jumpers and more fitted vest tops. I also imagine that it'd look amazing with a crop top but unfortunately this is far too daring for my own cowardly self!

 A little imagination can take things further than you could imagine and really help to make those pounds stretch as you create a plethora of outfits from one single item - I love to mix and match! 

S xx



  1. Ah love both these looks! I need to find different ways to style some items so I get more wear out of them!

    Leanne @


  2. i love these photos! i really need to get more wear out of the clothes in my wardrobe, i've got so many but only wear about 20%!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  3. that skirt looks AMAZING on you x

  4. The clutch against the skirt looks amazing ♥

    J x

  5. This is amazing, the skirt is so nice! x

  6. You look great! I love the skirt, such a versatile piece xx

  7. I love the dressed down version. I have just bought a pencil skirt and might try it with an over sized tee tucked in? Lovely post

    Debs x

  8. I love the clutch combo with the dress. It makes it super cool. I would also love to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

  9. She looks so stylish and pretty in those photos..:)


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