Sunday, 1 July 2012

What I Wore // Going Nude

Top - New Look
Blazer - Warehouse
Jeans - New Look
Watch - River Island
Clutch - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Matalan
Earrings - Warehouse
Hair slides - Crown & Glory

I actually threw this on to visit a preschool on Thursday, assisting Dan on his photoshoot with kids and their families! I did wear flat studded shoes though, and later swapped those for some heels for a meal out. I just couldn't be bothered to get changed and dress up, as my vengeful hayfever was at its worst that morning -  It really does knock it out of you eh? Its funny how a clutch bag and a pair of heels really transform an outfit and your mood though, I should do this more often... 

Oh, also, I have good news! I passed all of my exam retakes! I had to retake 3 of my exams, two being neuroscience and one being complex patient care (a mix of neuro and respiratory) and they were pretty hard going! Phew! I'm now a third year Physio student and I'm really not sure how I dragged myself through that year. This course is definitely not for lazy people such as myself, Oops! I love it so much though.

I hope you're all well and not suffering too much with hayfever! 
(Boots own tablets and nasal spray is the best stuff I've found - eh-hum)!

S xx


  1. So pretty! Love your style! (can I borrow it? hah)

    And well done you on passing your exams!
    Hope you've had a lovely weekend.

    Samantha xx

  2. Oh God - I adore those SHOES!

    Ah, exams - I wish mine were over yet!

  3. considering this is a throw on outfit.. it looks bloody lovely! i love the printed top too!
    congratulations on passing all your exams.. now you can fully enjoy the summer :) x

  4. Gorgeous outfit, especially love the top! x

  5. Love those shoes. They go really well with the rest of the outfit.

  6. Beautiful! Lovely outfit!

    Emma x

  7. I like your shoes!

  8. I adore this outfit, it looks so 'together' and smart; your shoes are gorgeous and I love the print on your top. My other half gets terrible hayfever, last week there were some days when his face and especially his eyes were so swollen and he just sneezes constantly bless him. He is having real trouble finding anything that works so I'll tell him to try the nasal spray. Hope you feel better soon! X

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  9. Congrats on passing your exams! :D I don't have any exams on my uni course, but at the same time if we do badly with our coursework it can be really annoying as we can't re-do them ):
    Love how your outfit is so versatile! You look so professional! :)

  10. I LOVE that top! Congrats on your exams x

  11. You look gorg! Loooove that blazer. Congrats on passing the exams! I can imagine your course must be pretty hard going! x

  12. Well done for your exams! Gorgeous outfit, love the way you've put nude with a colourful top :) my hayfever's awful at the moment too :( x

  13. Gorgeous as always, love the top and your blazer & shoes are so cute xx

  14. Aww congrats Hun, it's always great to have them done and dusted. Aww I love those shoes, matalan have such amazing stuff for such good prices. I can't wait for all the A/W stuff to hit their store! Hope your well kitten x

  15. Well done! I hated Neuro in my 2nd year of med school...

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