Friday, 13 July 2012

What I Wore // Back to Black

Top - Topshop
Skirt - H&M
Tights - House of Holland c/o TightsPlease
Necklace - ASOS
Watch - Nixon
Boots - Topshop
Bag - eBay

Ah, I feel like myself in this outfit. Funnily enough, I feel as though I've abandoned my usual comfort blanket of  black and shades of grey and injected life and colour into my wardrobe. Whilst I have recently welcomed a brighter way of dressing, I feel 100% comfortable in an ensemble similar to this, where textures and prints matter more. 
Here, I guess the focus is on these awesome tights. They were kindly sent to me a while back and I'm in love with them. I usually like to wear Primark's £2 polka dot tights, but I can really feel the quality upgrade in these, and they also please the typography lover within me!

I'd also like to draw attention to my watch - Possibly one of the most loved things that I own. I got it for £70 from eBay around 2-3 years ago and adore it to this day. It is not actually functional at the moment as the battery died, but I love how it looks anyway!

What do you feel most comfortable in?
S xx

P.s My giveaway ended yesterday, Sophie F was picked at random and has been contacted!
Thank you all so much for entering - I genuinely appreciate every single one of you who take the time to look at, and read my blog.  



  1. I like your necklace!

  2. Love your outfit. Recently my wardrobe consists of mostly grays and boyfriend's grandmother even bought me a bright pink jacket, she probably thought I needed some color in my life! Haha! I'm trying to expand.
    Anyway, those tights are amazing! :)

  3. god i do the exact same thing!if i get frustrated trying to find something to complete an outfit i just give up and go to black & grey and a pair of tights with either denim shorts or a tube skirt! look a bit rage that youre outside lol xxx

  4. great outfit!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  5. amazing tights!! :)
    well i feel comfy in dresses and my levi shorts <3
    :D xx

  6. Ahh, those tights are really cool. I'm not sure what exactly I'd call my 'uniform', my tastes and what I feel comfy in change all the time, but I suppose I do quite like being in tights and high waisted shorts. It's a shame that I got a bit bored of jeans though as, let's face it, they are the most comfortable thing in the world! I also love wearing playsuits, but I don't think 'comfort' really comes into it on that one - could needing the toilet when you are wearing one be any more of a pain!? Oh yeah, it could - when you are wearing one with tights! Nightmare.
    Mel xx

  7. I'm a huge lover of black! I love this outfit, the tights are so cute!

    Emma x

  8. I love those tights, so cool! I'm most at home in bootcut jeanss, boots and a jumper.

  9. I love finding that outfit that is comfortable and just feels like you! And i adore these cool are they?
    Cara x

  10. You look so lovely, I love that top! Those tights are super amazing. I'm a jeans girl through and through, so boring haha!

  11. You look wonderful! I am in awe of your tights! They're amazing :D


  12. Those tights are so flipping cool! You look great! x
    Island Girl Insights ♥

  13. Those tights are amazing and the necklace is gorgeous!


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