Monday, 23 July 2012

Natural Collection Lipstick // Pink Mallow // £2 Lipstick!

Natural Collection Lipstick in Pink Mallow £1.99 from Boots

I used to avoid cheap make up, linking it with low quality - But over time I'm coming to realise that this is not always the case. I picked this shade of Natural Collection lipstick up in Boots, thinking it was a faultless colour and worth a go.
On application, I found it moisturising and creamy, with no real need to exfoliate the lips and apply lip balm prior - A step that is rarely skipped by myself, thanks to the driest lips in the land. It does need reapplying sooner than with higher end lipsticks, but I don't mind this one bit, as its £2 and a definite daytime lipstick for me!
Applied, the shade shows up quite light on me, but in a warm, natural way. I've never been able to pull off light shades such as Mac's Viva Glam Gaga and Creme Cup, so this is a perfect step into a lighter shade than my natural lip colour without looking fake and a little bit odd.

What 'cheap' make-up bits (especially lipsticks) do you love?

S xx


  1. This is really pretty! I love ELF's cheap products, have found a couple really good products from them!

  2. I love Natural collection, this is one of my favourite lipsticks! Their blushes are worth a try too x

  3. What a bargain! And such a lovely colour on you :)

    I love Collection 2000 (now just Collection) products, especially their eyeshadows and blushers. I tend to go for pricier products on things that i wear everyday (like foundations and whatnot) but other than that i have no problem with cheaper brands. Will be sure to check out Natural Collection :)


  4. Oooh that is such a lovely shade, it really suits you too. Gorgeous with your blonde hair! :D

  5. I've heard a few good things about this brand, gonna have to give it a go next time I'm in boots!


  6. Great find! Sometimes cheaper brands can shock ya, I've found that a few times as well!
    If you have a free moment I would so appreciate if you could check out my new post!

    The Urban Umbrella


  7. I have a Natural Collection lipstick in rosebud and it's a really lovely colour! It really surprised me too as they're so cheap :)

    I went to Roys once and found a huge bucket of sale items, most of which were from the brand W7. I bought a concealer and it was amazing. It was creamy, stayed put, and covered up under-eye circles really well. Sadly I've used it all up now but if I ever see it again I wouldn't hesitate to buy it!

  8. i love collection2000 for oretty much everything and have used it for years! I've found avon lipsticks are pretty good cheapies too!
    ive got this one
    in 'personified plum' at the moment for going out, and one that they dont seem to be doing anymore in a nice slighty shimmery terracotta colour.(i only really bought it because it was £1.85 and the stick was heart shaped lol)i think it was maybe something they just did for xmassy time XX

  9. I have this and love it, such a shame we don't have this brand here!

  10. Omg I've had this for a while and love it - it's such a perfect pink! Looks amazing on you x

  11. That's such a cute colour, really suits you sweetie. I love collection 2000 eyeliner, I have tried so many and always come back to it x


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